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July 28, 2008

Lisbon Treaty : Who's Afraid of People Voice ?

Ireland asks France to organize new presidential elections !

... alas, this strong headline of the M'PEP (fr), a French political movement, is just a joke
to underline the absurdity of Sarkozy's request for a second Irish referendum in order
to ratify the Lisbon treaty... already massively rejected by France and Holland in 2005.

Sinn Fein eurodeputy Mary Lou McDonald pointed out that while speaking a lot about
democracy, European governments act as they were afraid of people voice.


- 13 Dec. 2007 : EU heads of state and government signed the Treaty of Lisbon.

- 20 Feb. 2008 : Parliament approved treaty with 525-115 majority.
- 12 June 2008 : Treaty of Lisbon rejected by popular vote in Ireland.
- 19-20 June 2008 : European Council discussed the aftermath of the Irish referendum.
The Irish Government's request for time to analyse the situation was accepted.
- Oct. 2008 : Ireland expected to make proposals at Council summit.

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