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October 29, 2008

Who's afraid of Bloggers ?

Jonathan Elendu last interview has been released !
Nigerian Curiosity got the news from his family and will have more details, soon.

Jonathan Elendu is a blogger
He is deeply concerned with his country's future...
Nigeria's future, meaning he writes
about corruption, fraud, violence,
the economic and ecological disaster in the Niger delta
and other sensitive matters.

He runs ElenduReports from Michigan, US, where
he was safe.
Alas ! Jonathan Elendu has been naïf
and too confident. He should have known better...

Last Saturday, when he landed at Abuja airport on
a visit to his relatives, he was arrested by the State
Security Service (SS +S, ouch !) "for a talk"
at their
.. then transferred to the anti-corruption agency,
the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission).

SSS or EFCC, nobody could say Elendu is in good hands.

Because Nigeria could be a better place...

(According to Nigerian law, anyone arrested must be

charged in court within 48 hours, but Nigerian law is frequently broken).

Global Internet Freedom > Corporate Responsibility and the Rule of Law.
"Human Rights Watch believes that the internet is a transformative force that can help open closed societies
and provide the near-instantaneous flow of information to inform the public, mobilize for change, and ultimately
hold institutions accountable. In this testimony, Arvind Ganesan, Business and Human Rights Program director,
discusses some governments' restrictions on the internet, ongoing efforts for self-regulation and prospects for
government-led change to ensure respect for human rights".

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Sahara Reporters
BBC News
Nigerian Curiosity

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