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May 01, 2008

Arf ! Look at the Violin Spider !

Camel spiders are driving people crazy on the net (and even worse
in Irak) because of their huge size and unfriendly appearance.

look at that poor man's hand, bitten
by the cute
violin (or brown recluse)
spider... and tell me how you feel !

Clinical features :

- Initial bite may be painless, although pain might manifest after several hours.
- No anti-venom is available for violin spider bites in South Africa, and treatment
of the bites is directed at preventing or limiting secondary infection and promoting

- Violin Spider bites may require surgical debridement and even skin grafts.
- These bites require tetanus toxoid booster.

Please help yourself with a few other details...
Let me excite your perverse mind, feel free to check some other enthralling species.
Welcome to the Spider Club of Southern Africa !

And for people who like camel spiders, please have a seat here !



Theresa said...

I'm afraid that just based on the "what sort of spider are you popular for" there are many places I will never see in my lifetime - and I'm truly not kidding.

April said...

I hate spiders. Just the thought of this one crawling on me gives me the creeps! Ugh!

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