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© 2007-2016
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May 04, 2011

La Bellevilloise au mois de Mai...

... on May 4th, for Bidaia's concert - as announced by PPG a few days ago.

I was there early enough, at 6pm, - Caroline & Mixel were fiddling with the instruments and
sound -
this gave me time, before we have dinner, to ride around the 'Halle aux Oliviers' and
in order to show you this pleasant place.

For 'Soul Cook' concerts, on Wednesdays, the 'Chef' cooks up a menu in agreement with
the musical universe of the performing artists. Tonight it's the Basque Country that has
guided his hand, with happiness.

8:30 pm, Caroline and Mixel are on stage...

... and they were good and the audience appreciated - click HERE for the videos.

Meanwhile, at the bar...


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