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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

July 28, 2012

Mao's Revolution for 'Ever' on Le Mur.

 "People were walking, enthusiastically, when the capital appeared in the eyes of the communist soldier" [Ever].

Le M.U.R. - # 125 - EVER - July 26-28/2012

EverSiempre site


July 14, 2012

I definitely HATE the NEW BLOGGER!

Twice I've expressed my dissatisfaction with the new Blogger interface:
- October 06/2012: How could Blogger do this to G@tto?
- April 05/2012: Not Sure 'the New Blogger' is welcome!

The first time, it was kind of a test, you still could use the old version, but the second 
time the changes were applied permanently. No way back, no choice, finished! 
Freedom, with Blogger-blogging, was over.

This dissatisfaction has rapidly evolved into a rage that literally chokes me every time 
I want to publish something, and images in particular.
What emerges from this is a clear decrease in the number of posts per month on this 

blog - this decrease being directly connected with the need to reduce the number of 
my uncontrollable anger attacks!

In this struggle for survival, your faithful blogging-c@t, is forced and compelled, after 
six years of friendly collaboration with Blogger, to abandon 'the traitor'to find a more 
welcoming platform... if any.

Have a pleasant 'Bastille Day', you all in France!

Yours faithful,


and so on.

July 13, 2012

Le MUR: Too late to unchain Hondo's wall...

Le M.U.R. - # 124 - July 12/2012 - HONDO's installation didn't last longtime !

Below: that was yesterday afternoon's happening, with the installation of Hondo's work on 
the Oberkampf wall, (with the help of Thom Thom). 

In fact, today, I thought that someone, by night, had probably ran out of chains... Nope! 
That's actually was, and is - because the show goes on - a performance in several stages
chaining and unchaining that poor wall... again and again. OK, that's it.
But nobody told me! Aaargh! 
[2 pics by Lazarewitch]

July 07, 2012

Storm of a jewelery in Paris/Oberkampf

A motorcyclist rolling on the sidewalk almost bumped my neighbor Fifi, this morning. 

[The blue shop right hand - StreetView]
Fifi wanted to yell after him,  
but something in the look of 
the guy made ​​him change his 

Three other bikers arrived and
the four of them attacked the 
jewelery at 75, rue Oberkampf.
Fifi found the time lapse very 

long when he called the police 
from a nearby shop, while 
hearing gunshots.
When at last firefighters and 

police arrived, the four guys 
had already left, having robbed 
and injured the jeweler and his 

PPG is not here, nor is it qualified, to relay this type of event, but Police and media are 
silent, to avoid tarnishing the Capital reputation... particularly in summer time, when hordes 
of tourists flock into the city​​.

Did I say 'summer time'? Now, this is hard to believe!

Le Parisien, [the next day], : 'Paris : Les braqueurs tirent sur les bijoutiers'.

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