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© 2007-2016
G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

July 16, 2009

When G@tto flies to Granny's...

First, taxi to CdG airport...
Here the french twin towers, from the A3 highway.

(Sleeping tight... maybe a long distance traveler).

In the smocking area.

Welcome on board, G@tto !

...your wardrobe is on the way.

Flying over the Alps and the Côte d'Azur, Nice.

Landing at Cagliari-Elmas airport.

Taxi to Cagliari/road station to catch the last car for SV...

then on the SS125 road, for a 60 km trip to Granny's house...
once more !

July 13, 2009

Waiting for the virtual postman...

... to deliver 10 MB Google additional storage
for G@tto's pics
on Picasa.

... Now, as it may take up to 24 hours for the 10 GB of storage
to appear in my account, maybe there will be some new posts
(with pics) on PPG before I leave
for a 2 weeks vacation...

July 12, 2009

A new video clip to be released...

... but when, nobody knows !

Btw, look at these guys so you won't forget them !

from left to right :
- Yan, musician (slam music author),
- Bryan, actor and singer, (lyrics author),
- Benji, pro, video director.

Below, a few screenshots (Raf & Bryan) from the video editing...

Listen here for the song...
... and [Sept 20/2010 update] check out YouTube for the videoclip !

July 11, 2009

Le Mur in July presents Osta.

Season 2009 - # 52 - Osta
the 3rd artist featuring on the Oberkampf's Mur
since it was cleaned up and restored during the spring.


July 07, 2009

Summer 2009 in Belleville...

(Click on title and get some infos on this Paris neighbourhood).

Any questions ?

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