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November 29, 2012

Creating 'Le Mur'... in a few hours!

Le M.U.R. - # 132 - Les Sœurs Chevalme - November 29 - 2012

[Elodie and Delphine Chevalme]

November 10, 2012

Mr Nasti squats the Paris' subway map

Le M.U.R. #131 - NASTI - November 10 / 2012


November 08, 2012

Chasing Ice On A Melting Planet

Icebergs in the North Atlantic Ocean in Disko Bay, Greenland.

James Balog's photos and stories bring the reality of climate change to light, and are 
chronicled in the new film "Chasing Ice." 

Watch the trailer (there is a limited release on November 9 in New York).

[Sep 4, 2012 by ]

Asking for more 'ice melting' images and info? Yes?
[Image: ©University of Colorado].

A few links...

John Cook: Skeptical Science

[by Giacomo Cardelli]

* * *

November 07, 2012

Take the Blue Train, Tonight...

... blue is the color of hope, tonight.

(John Coltrane ts, Lee Morgan tp, Curtis Fuller tb, Kenny Drew p, Paul Chambers b, Philly Joe Jones ds).

And yes, finally Americans took once more the right train!

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