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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

March 03, 2009

For Asian Food Lovers...

Lost in the very heart of the Latin Quarter, Thao-Ly is a tiny 22/24
dégustation (mostly thai and viet food) that really deserves
a taste-test visit if you still don't know it.

All along the '70th it was a meeting point for film makers and
photographers. Cheap, fresh and extremely good, it still is one
of my favourite places.

Now kept by the previous manager's son - assisted by
a young cousin, this little restaurant - only known by
connoisseurs, keeps going confidentially...

My favourite thai soups : # 15 & 23
I won't tell you more, anyway everything's fine.

Tantalized ?
11, rue Berthollet - Paris V
Phone : 01 43 36 72 92
between the rue Claude-Bernard
and the boulevard du Port-Royal

(closed on Sunday)

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