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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

August 31, 2011

What's New with G@tto?

Dear friends, followers, passers by and aliens,
Yours faithful G@tto is going to tear himself from his newsmania for two long weeks, but
he will return toward you in a good shape (not sure), tanned (not sure) and full of energy
to organize a hunt for the ideal apartment with a terrace...
... in Marseilles!

If so, when? Don't know, it could take months...
Is ParisPointGriset going to disappear?
Oh no,
nothing disappears, everything is transformed...
... So what?
"Marseilles Point I-don't-know what"?
Or: "G@tto Broadcasting from Marseilles"?

Be quiet. Just let time to time.


August 22, 2011

Breaking: Can You Hear Last Gaddafi's Barkings?

But... where is he barking from?

"Amid celebrations in Tripoli and the rebel capital of Benghazi, Col Gaddafi maintained
a defiant posture until the end. In an audio message on state TV, he called on all Muslims
and Libyan tribes to march on the city to prevent themselves becoming servants to
imperialists and traitors."


Is he hiding somewhere under the ground, like a rat? Now fearing for his own life - or worse,
being captured - he pushes his followers to death, he pushes them to kill their brothers to
avenge the insult done to him, by daring to deny him, and the more he's afraid, the more
he barks, far from home, from human compassion, far from youth.

Click on image to check the interactive Ap map.

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August 20, 2011

What's new on Le Mur... Rensone & Missy.

Le M.U.R. # 103 - Rensone & Missy - August 20/2011

You're lucky, there's even a video !

[by 75018laurence

August 10, 2011

New Spider Found in Paris, France

[2011 © Dr Gattus]

As dusk was approaching, at the end of yesterday's afternoon, Dr Gattus was
finishing his daily routine search around the Griset's spot background when, all
of a sudden, there he was: the French variety of the 'Grey Garden Recluse',
the - Grisetianus maculatus - Dr Gattus was spending his life to find.

[To appear soon on worldwide scientific press].
Are you frightened by the spider running on this page?
, close the page or take a hammer, aim, hit!
[Be careful! the screen may be damaged


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August 08, 2011

Tempura in my Oberkampf Fief.

Only two of five Japanese restaurants, in my direct environment, offer a 'tempura'
menu [seafood
and/or vegetables, battered and deep fried].
The Fujiwara, opened eight years ago and the Kyobashi - newly arrived in the
neighborhood, which also offers two tasting menus [30 and 50€] and therefore attracts
the majority of Japanese food lovers.

The tempura recalls the 'fritto misto' [mixed fry] from Piedmont, a northern Italy's
region, which is easily explained by the fact that this dish was brought to Japan, in
the mid-Sixteenth century, by the Portuguese, although this recipe is rather common
in many other countries of southern Europe, like France and Italy.

Fujiwara - 109, rue Saint Maur - Paris XI

Kyobashi - 117, rue Saint Maur - Paris XI

The three left - Kuchiyaki, Kimono, and IDfunSushi - are traditional sushi bars,
serving sushi, sashimi and yakitori menus.

[Click on any pic to enlarge].
Kouchiyaki - 122, rue Oberkampf - Paris XI
Kimono - 115, rue Saint Maur - Paris XI
IDfunSushi - 94 avenue Parmentier - Paris XI

Next one to try will be the 'Nakagawa', at 3, rue Saint-Hubert, Paris 11th,
recommended by Pascaline Mulliez
from the namesake art gallery.


August 07, 2011

"L'Illustration" - Année 1938 - Aug/December

L'ILLUSTRATION: 5293 numbers - more than 180.000 pages - several million photographs,
autochromes, drawings, original paintings - a memory of national and international history
from 1843 to
Here is the 1938 year, from August to December [see HERE for January
to July].

The last édition of December 1938, with an editorial by Georges Duhamel
from the Académie Française on 'The Duties of Intelligence'... a text still

[Go to: ANNEE 1937]

"L'Illustration" - Année 1938 - January/July

Throughout a century - from 1843 to 1944 - from the July Monarchy until the end
the French Third Republic, "L'Illustration", the first illustrated weekly in French,
has been
the mirror of all the major events and daily life, in France and worldwide.

["L'ILLUSTRATION", official site].

The first edition of January 1938 - the 96th year since the birth of the magazine - highlights
a British-Japanese meeting in Shanghai
, on the site where a grenade, launched by a Chinese
student, exploded.

[Click HERE for August to December 1938].

"L'illustration" is the first title of the French press to have used photography in a systematic
way since
the late nineteenth century.

The magazine was recognized as a national treasury by the French State, for the extent and
the richness of its worldwide events' coverage.

Check out
"L'ILLUSTRATION, or the Memory of a Century", a documentary by René-Jean
about the magazine history [from the official site].
[Go to: ANNEE 1937]

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