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© 2007-2016
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March 10, 2009

Artists Far Farm

I've already presented Megumi Terao's work.

She will be at La Ferme for a collective exhibition (photography, painting, sculpture)
together with Alliot, Avène,
Beenud, Carlier, Chazal, Chrisbé, David, Delhorbe,
Dermejean, Desage, Desvignes,
Doutreligne, Ferhi, Galvez, Gacquière, Gery-Longuet,
Geymann, Gross, Havel,
Hervo, Icart, Lecarme-Tabone, Lefevre, Longelin, Magnier,
Mattern, Monfeuillart,
Mufraggi, Nathan, Olivier Go, Perronnet, Pesce, Petit, Polizzi,
Robert, Robin, Sagot,
Taklanti, Thomas, Toto, Turzo, Verzeletti, and Virginie Steel.


How to go there...
(just in case you feel in a mood to go so far from Paris)

- RER (bad weather)
- Horse (sunny days).

Not in the right mood to go so far from Paris ?
Then click to go to Megumi's previous post, it's easier.

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