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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

June 30, 2011

And the 100th artist to climb Le Mur is...

Le M.U.R. - # 100 - ROA - june 30/2011

Music: dj Black Sifichi - Fela Kuti "Demo Crazy".

Passed by a first time around 3, then on my way back around 4:30
work was still in progress... Shame on me, but I wanted so badly
G@tto's foamy coffe that I left and went back home.


A few steps away,
in the Rue Saint Maur, Ella & Pitr provided a frame
for you
to shoot yourself in front of it...

... so smile and shoot your photo memories of Paris/Oberkampf.

And do not forget to send a copy to the artists!

June 28, 2011

Bolly Be Good... in Toronto !

Toronto hosted last week, June 24-26, the International Indian Film Academy awards, the
Indian version
of the Oscars - a three-day festival of dance, music, fashion and movies
culminating in a
massive movie awards gala.

Numerous cultural events, film workshops, and movie screenings have also taken place
across the GreaterTorontoArea in the past week, leading up to Saturday night's festivities.

[Chris Young]
For a street level view of these events, CBCNews.ca assembled a team of citizen bloggers.
They've been submitting photos of star sightings, sending updates, and writing about what
Indian cinema means to them.

* Bollywood film awards set for Toronto
* The India's gritty independent cinema
* The backstory, the dinasties, the Bollywood effect
* 10 essential movies from India

June 21, 2011

"End Harassment" Campaign Goes on line...

By opening a window to freedom and basic rights,
Arab spring has also highlighted the problem
sexual harassment that, whether they like it or
is a huge obstacle to development
in Muslim

Bikya Masr, a site showing a real concern about women rights, released today a post
by its editor-in-chief Joseph Mayton on the 'End Harassment' campaign :
"... led by HarassMap – Egypt’s most effective organization that has been tallying incidents of harassment
across the country in an effort to help assist women when they traverse what has become and almost war
zone-like atmosphere. Harassment is everywhere, but the online campaigners say it can end.

STAY TUNED - FOLLOW HarassMap & G@ttoGiallo's NEWS on twitter !

June 19, 2011

Second Asian 'Dies Iræ' in Paris' streets

This Sunday, at the initiative of the collective of Asian associations in France,
several thousand
people marched in Paris
, from the place de la République
to the place de la Nation, to protest against
violence and require more security.

, no concrete solution has been found or desired
since last year
when, for the first time, the Chinese community
organized a demonstration to denounce the intolerable
which has lasted for fifteen years, asking authorities
to protect people from any aggressive behaviour and violence.
For some reasons, the protest had turned to ethnic clash...
because of
subsequent aggression on a Chinese woman.

To understand the basis
of this wrath that could jeopardize the art of 'living together' which
long characterized a multicultural neighborhood of Paris like Belleville, I suggest you to
listen to
this France-Culture podcast:
- China from the edge: "Belleville, Chronicle of a Yellow Anger" - an audio documentary
by Alexander
Héraud and Nathalie Salles about how and why all this first started on June 2010
and still hurts one year later.


[Happy listening ... However, if you are familiar with French].

June 06, 2011

Le Mur... Live on June 10 & 11

Le M.U.R. invites you on June for a 2-day Live
- on Friday 10 - "Rue meurt d'Art", with Jean-Marc
Paumier - music provided by Rémy Pasquier.
- on Saturday 11 - Chilean artist Makay [Macarena
and her anthropomorphic characters nestled
in magical landscapes.

Rendez-vous on la Place Verte,
Oberkampf/Saint-Maur corner in Paris XI,
from 2 pm to 8 pm.
... So long, chums!

... June 10 & 11 updates:


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