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April 20, 2012

April 13, 2012

The AIM Loft, again, with Laure Boin-Watorek

Yes, another exhibition at the AIM Loft, Eiffel building,
in Paris' Oberkampf area...

'Verdures cévenoles & Bondieuseries'... and Sheep!
by Laure Boin Watorek, visual artist.

April 08, 2012

The wheel turns... and here is 2012 Easter!

This post is dedicated to the Easter's chocolate addicts... with the help of the best
chocolatiers in Paris...

- La Maison du Chocolat, a kindergarten connection,
with its many shops:
Victor Hugo, Paris 16e / Madeleine,
Paris 9e / Printemps Haussmann, Paris 9e / François
1er, Paris 8e / Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris 8e / Carrousel
du Louvre, Paris 1er / Sèvres, Paris 6e, and so on.

A Hen on a Wall,
A la Mère de Famille - Paris 9e
and the Swimming Poules
by Mrs and Mr Fauchon

Yellow & red ribbon hens and a 2012 creation, the Théobroma Egg, from
the Pierre Hermé's Easter collection (see all the shops HERE).

Patrick Roger, a talented artist.

One + one = two, right?
At Jean-Paul Hévin, 1 hen + 1 fish makes 1 chocolate henfish.

... and so on.
The list ends here. I hope you have found your favourite supplier because, personally,
I've had enough with chocolate
. If you are not satisfied yet, you can continue your
, of course - the
ways of gourmets are endless.

Yours faithful,

April 07, 2012

April 05, 2012

Not sure 'the new Blogger is Welcome'!

I think Blogger is the more 'intuitive' platform for blogging. They can change anything
want in the Dashboard but please... do not modify the photo editor!
Last time it has been a
total failure:


April 02, 2012

Le MUR: a 'qui pro quo' for April the 1st...

Le M.U.R. - # 117 - Les Frères Ripoulain - April 1/2012
[Photo: Hélène Laxenaire]

David Renault &
Mathieu Tremblin

*** Not-French speaking?
check out 'Ripolin' (a paint brand)
& 'Ripoulain' (French artists).

April 01, 2012

Promoting 'Skype for String' [Beta]

It's easy to get started with Skype for String. All that you'll need is two cups
a piece of string with a minimum bandwidth of 5mm. Skype for String will
with any cup and string, but for the best results, we suggest using a Skype
set. Find out more about using Skype for String:

Learning more...]

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