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May 29, 2011

A la Bastille, for a Real Democracy


Published in October 2010, the pamphlet "Indignez-vous!"/Time for Outrage, by Stephane
quickly made ​​its way into the minds already made ​​alive by the financial scandals
has led
to one of the major international crises.

A few months later, Hessel's call seems to have triggered an alert:

[1. RéelleDémocratie, Live streem from the Bastille - 2. A la Bastille, May 29/2011]

Manifesto of the 2011 revolutionaries
"Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, our leaders have decided to crush the people instead of charging
the banks. European democracies have been hijacked by the financial markets. We are caught around the throat
by austerity plans that multiply across Europe.
Unemployment has soared and plunged millions into poverty and misery. The crisis affects everyone. In France,
while profits doubled on the CAC 40, youth unemployment reached 25%. In Spain, 40% of those under 35 are
unemployed. In response, the Spanish people rose up. Since May 15, tens of thousands of Spaniards are camped
out day and night. Real Movement Democracia Ya! (Real Democracy Now!) is organised around two main demands:
regeneration of the democratic political system and advocacy of proper social policy…
Following a solidarity rally organized by Spaniards living in France, we citizens who recognise the aspirations of the
Spanish people urge everyone to become an actor for dynamic change. The revolt of the Arab countries across the
Mediterranean and the uprising of the Spanish people has sent a clear message to all Europeans, let us seize this
opportunity. Faced with a political oligarchy that holds all power, we demand the convening of a Constituent Assembly
to remind our leaders that the only sovereign (as in sovereign debt!) is the people!“
Real Democracy statement)

#frenchrevolution on twitter

May 28, 2011

Larrivaz is on Le Mur Ober...

Le M.U.R. #99 - Dominique Larrivaz - May 28/2011

"Obscures morceaux de chairs", June 8/2011
Exhibition opening at Moretti&Moretti gallery.


May 26, 2011

Le Mur... fighting against illiteracy !?

Le M.U.R. #98 'L'Alphabet', school project with l'ATLAS - May 26/2011
Caught in the [French] News :
... if you're not familiar with French, ask oncle Google for some help.
- Urban Art: "Le Mur", from Illegality to an Institution
- Thom Thom's Claws on the Walls

May 20, 2011

Four Living Legends of Indian Contemporary Art

Four documentary films, directed by Laurent Brégeat, on four of the founding artists
of Indian contemporary art: M.F. Hussain, Ram Kumar, Akbar Padamsee, S.H. Raza.
A Lalit Kala Akademi production of Arts (National Akademi of Arts, New Delhi).
Tomorrow, May 21/2011 at Auditorium INHA, Galerie Colbert
6, rue des Petits Champs / 2, rue Vivienne - 75002 Paris

Four "self-portraits" captured on the spot, where each artist puts his eyes back on his life,
what ultimately remains essential in his art.

Laurent Brégeat reveals the history of the artists' beginnings, their challenges,
their landmarks and highlights their lives, referring friends and events, thoughts
and anecdotes, lessons and influences.
Underpinned by inteviews with art critics, collectors and artists, supported by
unpublished documents, these films - drawing together the historical and sociological context
of these great Indian artists of the post-independence era and showing the journey of a hinge
generation - are essential for the history of Indian and international art.

These films are part of the international symposium of the Research Center on the Far East
of Paris-Sorbonne (CREOP) Heritage of India: research perspectives.
This first series will be followed in 2011 by another set, covering a broad
cultural project:
the Archive of Contemporary Indian Art.

Miss Gunjan Gupta, LKA Library - Phone: +91 11
Laurent Brégeat : bregeat@gmail.com - Cell: 06 07 50 14 87

* M.F. Hussain helped put Indian art on global map but was forced into exile by conservatives.
( Al Jazeera, June 9/2011).

May 16, 2011

The DSK Affair - Suddenly, the Fall !

The New York Police Department arrested Mr. Strauss-Kahn
at 2:15 a.m. Sunday “on charges of criminal sexual act,
attempted rape, and an unlawful imprisonment in connection
with a sexual assault on a 32-year-old chambermaid in the
luxury suite of a Midtown Manhattan hotel yesterday” about
1 p.m.

In short: a transatlantic bomb!

* The Timeline of D. Strauss-Khan's Week End, The Daily Beast

* The sequence of events according to Paul J. Browne, the chief police spokesman.
[The New York Times, May 22/2011].

DSK - twitter search...

50,000 visits.

ParisPointGriset reached last night, the 50,000 visits.

Feb. 2007- May 2011

Thanks to you all.
Yours faithful,


May 10, 2011

Elana Gutmann's Talking Trees...

Elana Gutmann is a painter and printmaker whose work
has evolved to include photography, video and installation
A first-generation American artist with roots in Eastern and
Europe, Gutmann began exhibiting her work in Europe and
America in 1989.
"My paintings and drawings are both inquiry and discovery, each voyage
- part memory, part fantasy. The process is dialectic, the investigation of
truth through discussion, a conversation between the work and me (then
the work and the viewer). Choices are made, revisited, some removed.
Their traces remain. Colour jumps
to form, form instigates colour, relation
ships occur over a period of hours, days and months.
They manifest in a "story" - a visual tale."

Clairière, the Talking Trees, - Elana Gutmann's last project
is "an
installation work that employs language, symbol and
sound to evoke migration and the rich results of the movement
of culture individual from place to place."
< video

Although Clairière is to be first viewed in the exhibition LandArt, Basel, it is designed to
travel to multiple sites thereafter.

* [This project will only be funded if at least $ 12,000 is pledged by Thursday Aug 4, 3:18pm EDT].

May 07, 2011

Gilbert Baker's Colors on Le Mur!

Le M.U.R. - # 97 - Gilbert Baker & Colors - May 7/2011

His original Rainbow flag - first raised for the San Francisco Pride
in June/1978 - had 8 colors, each with a symbolicc meaning:
Hot Pink: sexuality, Red: life, Orange: healing, Yellow: sunlight,
Green: nature, Turquoise: magic/art, Blue (indigo): serenity/harmony,
Violet: spirit.


May 04, 2011

La Bellevilloise au mois de Mai...

... on May 4th, for Bidaia's concert - as announced by PPG a few days ago.

I was there early enough, at 6pm, - Caroline & Mixel were fiddling with the instruments and
sound -
this gave me time, before we have dinner, to ride around the 'Halle aux Oliviers' and
in order to show you this pleasant place.

For 'Soul Cook' concerts, on Wednesdays, the 'Chef' cooks up a menu in agreement with
the musical universe of the performing artists. Tonight it's the Basque Country that has
guided his hand, with happiness.

8:30 pm, Caroline and Mixel are on stage...

... and they were good and the audience appreciated - click HERE for the videos.

Meanwhile, at the bar...


May 02, 2011

Exit Osama bin Laden!

Almost a decade...
since September 11/2001

Bin Laden was traced to a compound in Abbottabad, a relatively affluent suburb
of Pakistan’s capital,
Islamabad. He is said to have resisted and was shot in the
head during an exchange of fire
in the compound.
The body is said to have been taken to Afghanistan and then buried at sea.

Steve Coll - New Yorker: Notes on the death of Osama bin Laden.



... virgin female urchins, of course!
[John Cole, ©2011/CagleCartoons].

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