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© 2007-2016
G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

August 29, 2007

Bad news from Lagos

Well-known Art Market of Maiyegun (Lekki, Lagos) to find it bulldozed without warning
by forces of the Lagos State Government. According to eye witnesses several persons
received gunshots, one died.
The market, home for about 120 artists from the African Pride of Art & Crafts, was completely
destroyed today and many more people lost hope and income. Properties and artwork valued
provisionally at 30-40 million Naira was destroyed, unnecessarily.

(3 pics from expat friends)

Why ? Lucas Ajanaku, (Tell Magazine, Nigeria's independent weekly), explains :
"Tension mounts in the host communities of the proposed Lekki Free Trade Zone
over unfulfilled promised in the purported memorandum of understanding signed
with the Lagos State government"... (see more)

Lekki as in december 2006 !

Monte Narba, an abandoned mine I've recorded for you.

Monte Narba is the site of an old mine's district (silver ore) in south/east Sardinia,
Sarrabus' hills, Italy.
Closed down and deserted for too many years - it was operating mostly from 17th
to the beginning of 19th century. it will probably come back to life one of these days
as a... well, let's wait and see.

Let me show you the place... (slideshow)

(by G@ttoGiallo)

A bit of history now...

Geological map of the district & site map

(Thanks to "Mines of Sardinia" and its minetramps)


August 19, 2007

I've brought you this from Sardinia...

Come on ! follow G@ttoGiallo's footsteps on Sardinian sands !

... want more ?
Click on the pic below to see a roundup of the best places in the South East coast
of the island
- all within a reach of 8 to 30 km away from my Granny's.

... now save this for next winter, so you can feel warm
on the coldest nights.

* * *
Ten years ago, Africa has lost his best musician
FELA KUTI : 1938 > 1997


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