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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

September 30, 2008

Last Villeglé stolen by night from Le Mur !

... or the Price of Fame !

Jacques Villeglé, born Jacques Mahé de la Villeglé (1926, Quimper, Brittany)
is a
French mixed-media artist, famous for his alphabet with symbolic letters
decollage with ripped or lacerated posters.
(more on wiki or/and official website)

Exceptionally, last "Le Mur" opening was on Thursday and Jacques, 82, was there...
see the nice leafar's Flickr set.

but a couple of days later, on Saturday night, someone cut off and robbed
the collage, valued
at some hundred thousand Euros.

So, after a two days' exhibit, Villeglé's poster desappeared and Martha Cooper's
was back to surface...

That's the way street art goes on.

September 24, 2008

Beaubourg hosts Villeglé...

September 17/2008 - January 5/2009

For the first time in France the Centre Pompidou is presenting
a retrospective
of the work of Jacques Villeglé,
one of today's major
French artists.

Now aged 82 years, Jacques Villeglé has developed since 1949
a very detailed work, with an amazing formal richness almost
exclusively using a single
material – the ripped or lacerated poster.

In the meantime, Le Mur invites you to the next Oberkampf's Wall,
dedicated to Villeglé !

September 20, 2008

Spotlight on Nadine & Viswa in Ivry...

When in Ivry, this is the right spot in rue Jules-Vanzuppe !
Look on your right and there is # 44, old industrial building, former factory.
You are in one of the many splendoured artists' cities of this rediscovered
suburban area.

When Nadine moves somewhere, you're granted it's a great place.

(Maybe I should add a little slideshow of some other places I saw around here),
"Soft you now !
the fair Nadine !

(sottovoce) Nymph, in thy paintings, be all my pics remembered.

... Here she is !

She said "Welcome, so nice to see you again, G@ttoGiallo" !

Yep, we didn't see each other for a long time... since she left my fief, in fact, five or six years ago.
She's all the time to and fro, in India, four times already this year and next trip is due in November...
It's a lifework to become a Bollywood Films expert, you know.
I knew her as a film editor and, of course, as a painter.

Here is a glimpse on her last work...

(You can see more on her new blog-gallery).

Around 6/7pm, Viswa arrived and we had drinks, chatting about different matters
like the next NUIT BLANCHE, due on October 4th/5th, when Nadine will be

in charge at Gare de Lyon... Yo ! read here !

And the sun progressively disappeared beyond the railroad
and this beautiful skyline !
(gosh, I think it's time I change my camera).

Yours faithful,

September 15, 2008

Nadine Tarbouriech & Pleins Feux 2008

Spotlight on IVRY-sur-Seine
From 17th to 23rd September

Open door studios > 150 artists > sep 20/21
Espace Robespierre > 50 artists exhibition > sep 20/21

Where > Différent places in Ivry-sur-Seine,
M° Mairie d'Ivry, line 7 - check the map

Nadine Tarbouriech
open door studio/Atelier 22
44, rue Jules-Vanzuppe
(#31 on Pleins Feux map)
bât. B, 2nd floor - Atelier 22
phone 01 46 70 88 15

(clich to enlarge)

Contact >
phone 01 49 60 25 06
eMail >

CTINK Collective on "Le Mur" Oberkampf.

This forthnight's Oberkampf Le Mur is a collective work from
and Pisa73...

... until September 25th.

For Street Art lovers :
a CTINC Collective's work exhibition is scheduled in the beautiful

Itinerrance Gallery from September 18th to October 23.

September 13, 2008

G@tto's Daily Scam - Let's Eat some 419s !

Today I've got a good 419 scam in my junk box !

All G@tto's readers know that his Granny's property in Sardinia is on sale and anyone
is able to click on the
pic in PPG's sidebar and take a virtual tour inside the house...
but Craig asks for pictures, which means he doesn't know PPG
, so let's bait him !

Well, the game is just beginning !

fm : Craig Hamper
to : G@ttoGiallo
object : Granny's property in a south east sardinian village
september 13/ 2008 16:45
I am intrested in buying your Granny's property In a south east sardinian village.
Let me know if it is still available. I am ready to buy now, kindly give me a final
asking price and more information.


fm : G@ttoGiallo
to : craighamper@yahoo.com
object : Granny's property in a south east sardinian village
september 13/2008 17:10
So you buy houses without visiting ? The final price, anyway, is 450,000 euros.

September 13/ 2008 18:28
I have gone through the details, I and my younger sister Kathy just got our inheritance
from our late dad and planning to relocate. I have gone through the details, I will appreciate
if you can send me pictures of in and out of the building all through.
I will give you
indormation to write invoice and will request for your bank information and make payment
immediately I finalise with Kathy.
Pls do respond fast and also with your phone numbers,
incluse the country code as well so I dont have any problems calling. We should be on our
way by November.

Regards, Craig

September 14/2008 02:36
What a coincidence ! I have inherited the house from my grandpa and you're planning to buy
it with your daddy's inheritance !
You know you're lucky ? As a matter of fact, this property
is a very good investment for you and your sister Kathy. You pay 500,000 €, you transform
the place in a B&B with a nice cafeteria with 250,000 more € and then... you just wait your
customers and their cash. Nice program, isn't it ?
Now I have to get in touch with my mother -
I assume you love and respect your mother as well, so you can understand I ought to ask my
mother's opinion. I'll phone her tomorrow.
Honestly, I think the negotiation is too young to let
you know my personal phone or accounts numbers. Let's know each other a little more first,
tell me something about Kathy and yourself, where do you live, your occupations, your hobbies,
if you like geckos and sloths, etc.
I live in Paris.
Regards. G@tto.

Septembre 14/2008 07:22
Good day,
What a co incidence it is, I first want to thank you for your own ideas and it is going to be better
meeting you in person sometime. Am 45 and Kathy is 33 yrs old widow. I will wait till you get
resposne from you mom before we can proceed.

What do you intend doing after yu sell this property to us? nothing personal but just asking.
I am waiting for your response and I already talked to my sister about it.

Your fast response will be appreciated.
Regards, Craig

Stay tuned !

September 11, 2008

September 06, 2008

Viswanadhan at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

Une Histoire Partagée
A Shared Story
a 28 artists' work exhibition

18, rue de l'Hôtel de Ville - 75004 Paris
- Salles E. M. Sandoz et M. David-Weill.
Opening on September 10th, from 6pm to 8:30pm
(will last until October 3th).

Velu Viswanadhan was born in 1940 in Gudiyatharn, Tamilnadu.
He did his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Government College of Arts
and Crafts, Chennai, in 1963.
Between 1963-65, he received Government of India Research Cultural
Scholarship in Painting and Government of India Ministry of Education
Research Fellowship for Miniature Painting in 1989-91.
He has participated in various national and international exhibitions.
He has also attended a few artist camps in India like Artists Painting
Camp organized by Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore (1977), All India
Artists Painting camp in Yercaud organised by Tamilnadu State Lalit Kala Akademi, Figurative
Painting camp based on Folk Dances Madras and Artists camp since 1973 onwards at Mumbai,
Chennai, Bangalore , Kolkata and New Delhi.
He has been a recipient of the Tamilnadu State Lalit Kala Akademi award (1963,'64 and '94),
Mysore State Lalit Kala Akademi award (1965), Hyderabad Art Society award (1960,'62 and '63),
Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath award (1965,'70) and Andhra Academy of Arts award (1969),
State Wild Life Exhibition award (1965), Guest keen Williams, Kolkata (1964) and Indian
Christian Art Association, Mumbai (1982,'84 and '85).
His work can be found in several prominent international and national collections.
He lives and works in France.

See also Viswa in NY...

September 04, 2008

David's summer vacation...

This is the David everybody knows...
I mean, until last July, when he packed up
for a 2 months "cultural" sojourn in the States.

Now, this is David, back at work, in September...

Spaghetti or hamburger ?
Any comments ?

(Sent to G@tto by mail)

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