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© 2007-2016
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February 16, 2010

3rd Anniversary for ParisPointGriset...

... with 448 posts and 27595 visits since February 2007.
and yesterday, as a present, this :

For some reason, in a couple of days, my counter has gone crazy with your visits and went,
from an average of 50-60 per day, up to almost 300.
The main target was an old post from December 2008, relating a movie broadcasted by Arte
about the Japanese art of Shibari
. For the first time, visitors were mostly French, which is even
more surprising since the film is French and was aired on a French TV channel
If I still don't understand the reasons of this sudden passion for the Shibari, I sure enjoy the results.
Merci, Danke, Thanks, Bedankt, شكرا لك, Obrigado, ありがとうございました, Grazie and
Gracias to you all,
whether you are a PPG's Friend, a Follower, a Passerby or... just an Alien.

No red candles, no flowers this year, I got better in my feline bag... some chouquettes
à la crême fouettée
(cream puffs), my French version of north Italy's "bignè alla panna
" !


1 comment:

Francesca Romana ALEGI said...

tres bien fait, mon ami! Congrats!!!!

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