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June 30, 2012

Etienne Chouard at TEDx Republique Square, Paris

"In 2005, before the European referundum, while teaching economics and law, 
Etienne Chouard looked closely to the draft version of the European Constitution
What he discovered changed him forever. He woke up, policatilly. 
Since then, and independently from any political organizations, he warns us against 
our apathy, denounces our responsibility and wants to restore the true meaning of 
His motto : a Constitution written by citizens and representatives selected by sortition."


June 23, 2012

June 13, 2012

'End Sexual Harassment' day needs you!

Blog and Tweet today to #EndSH !

When Lara Logan broke the silence and CBS could reveal what happened to her in Tahrir 
Square the night of Moubarak resignation, the veil fell and Egyptian women were finally 
able to publicly denounce what over two thirds of them suffer daily - which is although 
a shame for the country.
Whatever the reasons behind these brutal attacks on women - particularly singled out  
in Egypt among other Muslim countries - it was time to denounce this outrageous behavior.
Its resurgence since the fall of the regime suggests that this could be now a means used 
by the military to hold off at least women from Tahrir's democratic claims.

Check this: Sexual Assault as Political Tool: 'Men Attacking Women at Tahrir Square' 
[Sarah A. Topol/The DailyBeast]
كلام بيقولوا رجالة للي بيعاكسوا البنات في الشارع

"Egyptian activists declared Wednesday June 13 as the day to write about sexual
harassment on social websites and blogs in an effort to combat the rising level of  
sexual violence in the country."
"Female protesters and visitors to Tahrir square reported a dramatic increase in sexual 
violence against female activists over the past week, which led many to believe that 
the incidents are part of an organized plan by the state to intimidate protesters."


During the previous protest, on June 8th...
"An anti-sexual harassment demonstration organized by over 20 Egyptian women’s 
groups in protest against the recent escalation of assaults in Cairo’s Tahrir Square 
was attacked about an hour and half after it began by unknown troublemakers."
[Read more on BikyaMasr]

The "End Harassment" campaign went on line in 2011, promoted by the HarassMAP 
"Egypt’s most effective organization that has been tallying incidents of harassment across the country
in an effort to help assist women when they traverse what has become and almost war zone-like 
atmosphere. Harassment is everywhere, but the online campaigners say it can end."
[June 21/2011, Joseph Mayton].


June 02, 2012

A Tunisian Journalist Call, via Le M.U.R./Facebook

You are a Tunisian street artist or one of your friends is... or maybe you have a good knowledge  
of the GRAFFITI / URBAN ART scene in Tunisia... Will you please be so kind to leave a comment on  
LE M.U.R. right HERE? 
A Tunisian journalist - aiming to present an overview of Street Arts spreading around in Tunisia 
since the spring revolution and the departure of Ben Ali - will get in touch with you.

... Throughout Tunisia, giant murals of ordinary people replaced large portraits of Ben Ali. 
In the gutted ruins of government buildings, the burned husks of presidential palaces, and other locations like 
billboards, walls, along streets and the Porte de France, in Tunis, they aimed to provoke discussion ‘in a world 
turned upside down or inside out’, transforming the streets and areas of social conflict into new arenas for 
discourse and dialogue."

Any question about URBAN ART in Tunisia... like why? when? where? how?
Find the answers on Brandon Letzinger's essay 'Creating the Political: Street Art after the 2011 
Tunisian revolution.
Le MUR-asso, official site.

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