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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

November 27, 2011

EMA's DropMan is watching you from Le Mur

Le M.U.R. - # 109 - Florence Blanchard, aka EMA - November 17/2011

[Artist's Site]

November 16, 2011

A C@t in Bahrain - 1

... and here we are with the first images
from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Morning light for my first wakeup in Amwaj Islands...

[Increasing the contrast, curiously reveals a graffiti under the peinture' layer].

Exploring the beach, I'm intrigued by these mounds of sand pellets. Their authors should be those tiny
crabs I saw on the shore.

I've never been a birdwatcher, until today, but these herons just come and friendly share this quiet beach
with me.

Later on, I've the privilege to attend the private ablution of a dark heron in the deserted pool...

From November 16, until 22, it is the French Week in Bahrain
Opening speech by the French ambassador and cocktail at the InterContinental Regency hotel

Entertainment with the 'Swing DeLuxe' quintet and 'La Bourrée Arverne' dance group.

Tribute to Georges Brassens in Bahrain City Centre.

The 'French Week program' includes, among others,
three gourmet French dinners but, personally, I intend
to enjoy myself with more exotic dishes.


November 13, 2011

A Tabby Yellow on a new mission...

I know at least one and that one is to fly...

... here.

[No more info available for now, but stay tuned].

November 07, 2011

Berlusconi: Whatever the man does it's a shame!

[Except if he's to give up politics].

All day long, conflicting reports 'on whether Berlusconi would resign'
didn't stop on
international press and social media.

- 'Journalists close to Berlusconi say he will resign' Monday [Reuters]
- 'Berlusconi denies rumours he will stand down' [The Telegraph]
- 'Berlusconi to quit within hours' [The Times]

- 'Silvio Berlusconi: 'Rumours of my resignation are groundless' [on his Fb page]

- 'Berlusconi's key ally tells him to resign' [Al Jazeera]
- 'Berlusconi, giallo sulle dimissioni' [La Repubblica]
- 'PM Silvio Berlusconi faces a crunch vote on public finance on Tuesday' [BBC News]
- 'C'est terminé, Silvio, inutile de t'accrocher' [Le Monde]

And The Financial Times: 'In God's name, go!"
[A sentence that echoes the words once used in 1653 by Oliver Cromwell in dissolving the Parliament].

[SkyNews online - Nov. 8/2011]

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