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September 30, 2010

Ubiquitous Caroline Phillips...

Who's that girl ?

... she seems to be presenting her Yoga Massala new brand (yoga video
and clothing line) at Paris' Salon ZEN, in Espace Champerret and,
at the same time, in Geneva, Switzerland, at today's
Transmedia (see programme)... performing hurdy gurdy at 3 pm !

Then... who is she ?

* * *
Caro's TEDx Transmedia Geneva/gallery.

September 25, 2010

September 21, 2010

They Didn't Mean, but they were late...

That's it, the "Pas Fait Exprès" clip video [I Didn't Mean] is finally released
and will be soon on the main video sites.


Crew : Video director, Benjamin Pisu - Cameraman, Frédéric Deliège - Music composer,
Diakk - Lyrics & vocals, Bryan Polak - Vocals, Raphaëlle Sahler - Mixing, Krupnik.
The exteriors were shot in Paris IX, XI, XVIII and somewhere in the Fontainebleau forest.

* Previous PPG post announcing 'this video clip'.

o o o

September 19, 2010

Spotlight on Viswanadhan in his Paris studio...

This week end, the Ivry workshops were open to visitors for the 2010 "Pleins Feux
sur Ivry
" annual event.

The weather was beautiful today, so I could leave at home my yellow fur and enjoy
the sun in my walk from the subway station - across the parc des Cormailles...

and the passerelle Müller - to the workshops, and then reach Viswa's place, unnoticed,
among the
crowd of visitors.

A workshop is first a space where the artist create, alone... but once a year its door
opens to the outside world.

People visiting Viswanadhan mostly are - or they become - friends.
The welcome is always very warm and there is no age limit...

myspace graphic at Gickr
... and when Viswa discusses painting with youngsters, this can be very animated...
I dare to say !

"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"...

Velu Viswanadhan
... by yours faithful G@tto

Next visit: Nadine Tarbouriech studio.

Spotlight on Nadine Tarbouriech studio...

The building is located a few feet away from the passerelle Müller, which straddles
the railway, and is provided with a terrace from where one discovers a striking Paris

Here we are, at 44, rue Jules Vanzuppe - Ivry-sur-Seine -

Some statues are exhibited in the entrance lobby...

... and Nadine Tarbouriech workshop is # 22 on 2nd floor.

Before I leave, I told Nadine that - he he ! - I had solved (from the terrace)
the mystery of her source of inspiration for her painting's "square structure"...

> >
... but she laughed !
[Previous posts 'Pleins Feux sur Ivry']

September 13, 2010

Ladies and Gents, it's Archive-Opening Day !

I've finally bought a little dias/negas scanner.
It is now in charge to
revitalize the most precious
photos from G@tto's archives.

Where ?
the official G@tto's provider,

First tests :

- A 1979 slide taken at Palais des Glaces on July 27, the 'jazz concerts' period
Pharoah Sanders [wiki] performing with
Lonnie Liston Smith [wiki].
Was it good... oh, yes it was !

- This one was taken at Casterman's, sometime in the 80s, at the beginning of
a long collaboration between Léo Malet and Jacques Tardi around the Nestor
[wiki] character.

It's Amazing how that same day I've found a site hosting old photographs...
HistorypIn ! and now I'm ready.


September 11, 2010

Welcome to Ulysse on Le Mur Oberkampf !

Le M.U.R. # 79 - Ulysse Katselidis - September 11/2010

Coffee first, a little info about Ulysse and an artist's
picture by Francis Beddok.

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