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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

March 31, 2013

Easter 2013...

Austerity and rigor, my brethren!

... and a fine weather for ducks.

March 27, 2013

Outrageous: Our Planet Earth is for Sale

The very sad and shameful spectacle of entire populations 
betrayed by their own governments... 
When arte-tv shows 'where it hurts', it really hurts.

"This documentary is an investigation on three continents, because the issue of land 
grabbing is global. Three continents and three emblematic cases to tell a single story and 
the dramatic consequences there may be if nothing is done to protect the interests of small 
farmers and developing countries."

The massive sale of agricultural land to multinational companies in Africa and Latin America has caused many
local farmers expropriation: with the arrival of these firms, prices soared. After some attempts to resist, the 
farmers in countries such as Ethiopia and Uruguay are now being forced to work in these new farms, earning
paltry wages.

[AgoraVox France]

Saudi Arabia depends on imports to feed a growing population. To ensure the country's food security, King Abdullah 
has ordered the Saudis to go abroad to cultivate land.

[AgoraVox France]

The Indian Ram Karuturi is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet in the agri-food sector. 
By acquiring 300,000 acres of farmland in western Ethiopia, he plans to provide nearly 20% of world rice 
production. But the man does not stop there: his company has identified 1 million hectares of fresh land 
in Sudan.

[AgoraVox France]


March 23, 2013

Earth Hour 2013: Let's switch off the Planet...

Paris switches off lights for Earth Hour.

Paris will turn off the light of more than 200 buildings: City Hall, Parc des Princes, Notre 
Dame Cathedral, Hotel des Invalides, Opéra Garnier and Opera Bastille, all bridges, 
fountains and squares. As for the Eiffel Tower, the lights will be extinguished for 5 minutes
for security reasons.


March 17, 2013

Agostino Iacurci's 2-days work on Le Mur...

Le M.U.R. - # 138 - Agostino Iacurci - March 16-17, 2013 [photo: vanna santoro]

Ai on Fb.

March 15, 2013

A White Wave arises in Paris...

... Stand up with the Syrian people today, 7pm in Paris, or wherever you are. 
Stop the massacres!
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March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning in Vatican City?

[Jean Gouders & Jean-Eric Anders]

• Cambridge Professor John Pollard: ‘the Vatican in a dangerous place’.
Secrecy is a way of life at the Vatican, not least at the Vatican Bank. For decades the Institute for Works of Religion 
has been shrouded in mystery. [euronews, March 15, 2013]. 


Midnight in Griset: Last 2013 Snowfall?


Despite what is happening currently in Europe - and in my Parisien fief - our planet has 
reached during the last decade the hottest peaks in the course of more than 11,300 years.

Take a glimpse to the Global Temperature [Earth Policy Institute]


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