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July 31, 2010

Le Mur according to the season...

Le M.U.R. - #77 - PaellaChimicos - July 31st.

PaellaChimicos or, since 2000, Paella?, (real name Michael Palacios),
born in 1962, is a French artist.
He takes his pseudonym (an anagram
of his name) in 1985, when he joined the collective of artists Les Frigos.

His work in the mainstream of Figuration, comes first in the form of multiple tracts
and, most importantly, screen printed and pasted posters in the streets. [Wiki].

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July 30, 2010

For My Shibari-addicts...

"Bondage" (発禁本「美人乱舞」より責める !) a 1977, 83' Noboru Tanaka's film,
on arte tonight.

"In the intimacy of the artist - adept of bondage (shibari> 縛り) - and of his models.
based on the life of painter-photographer Seiu Ito."

His models: his two wives and a
whose resemblance to
his first wife dragged him into one
Sade-style spiral.

If the story takes all points of view,
the photographer's and model's behaviour and
prevail in such an extent that the stressful practice of bondage appears as
naturally admitted.

"I think Nikkatsu's position in the industry is unique. It's a large company,
but we worked on one single concept, sex, for 18 years, and made a very
large number of films. Having sex is an activity where we clearly show our
true natures.
Examining the relationships between men and women is one
of the best ways to show the essence of human beings. So we thought that
by working with the theme of sex, we could explore ourselves more deeply
and express the very core of the world."

[Noboru Tanaka - 1937-2006]

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July 21, 2010

Music Time in Sept/2010, Nneka and Keziah !

A great way to start a new day.

"Long distance love", Keziah Jones feat Nneka.

July 17, 2010

Le Mur on July 15th with 52 Lamb's posters...

Le M.U.R. #76 - LAMB - July 15/2010.

no info about this specific Lamb,
among the flocks of the Web
< just this.

*** Found later on Fb :
Roswitha recording Lamb's work, on the Place Verte...

[Photo Thomas Louis Jacques Schmitt].

July 14, 2010

2010-Bastille Day... Défilé sous la pluie !

Alphajets from the French Acrobatic Patrol fly above the Louvre pyramid...

A Benin female army regiment marches on the Champs Elysées...

Nicolas Sarkozy adjusts his pants [hi hi !], surrounded by Cameroon's Président
Paul Biya, Burkina Faso's President Blaise Compaore and Prime Minister François

* [See here the full Telegraph's photo gallery and here for news articles & blog posts on Bastille Day].
* The Bastille Day on Wikipedia.

July 13, 2010

Caro : From the 80s to TED Global-Oxford

Caroline Phillips... Who's That Girl?

Her short [TED]Talk and hurdy-gurdy performance in Oxford captivated
the audience, which asked for an 'encore'...

(After the performance, a musical private party, here on YouTube).

Step back, now : after a little dig in G@tto's archives...
here is young Caro, entering her "Paris period
", in early 80s...

As a girl with multiple talents, she started teaching aerobics, while performing
as a singer in many jazz clubs and private parties, with her pianist friends Stacy
MacAdams or Eddie Goldstein.

Caroline and computers? It all started with an Atari and a 4-track studio recording
in 1987, in a small apartment near the subway station Louvre, where she
to compose, arrange and make demos of her own songs

After a 3-year interlude in California (learning digital orchestration
& harmony), she was back to Paris in 1992 and moved to the
Basque Country (ah, l'amour!)
where, while learning the Basque
language and doing piano bar for a living, she - and Mixel Ducau,
founded the group 'Bidaia' and... gave birth to Alaïa, in 1994.

In 1996 she, well... 'started up' the Phillips Internet Consulting, an
interactive web agency specialized in
consulting, e-marketing and
e-commerce - which is actually her main business
, with headquarters
in Biarritz/Izarbel and offices in Bordeaux and Paris.

* Caroline Phillips is also very involved in local business & politics - have a look at her autobiography
to know more.

But it doesn't stop there, Caro learned to play hurdy-gurdy; Bidaia
became a duo; Caro and Mix created a Disco dance group - just
for the fun; then Caro turned to yoga and immediately broadcasted
YogaMassala, a site dedicated to
yoga practice at home, launching
at the same time her original line of yoga clothing.


Is there anything else?
Yes, guess who's organizing a TEDx happening in Basque Country?
... Caroline Phillips
, of course !

TEDx BasqueCountry Biarritz on November 13/2010 - don't miss it !

Bidaia offers you the free dawnload
of their album 'Oihan', ('Forest' in the
Basque language)...


July 07, 2010

There is a Baroque Basilica on La Pigna hill...

You already know La Pigna hill in Sanremo...
[otherwise, click on post's title]

... so let's go up the hill, one more time, to complete the
of this lovely place, crowned by the Sanctuary 'Nostra
Signora della Costa'.

Tradition says that the first church was built in 1361, the year which marked the end
of the Doria family domination over Sanremo and the autonomy of the town from
the Republic of Genoa.
The present church was built in 1630 on the site of the previous

The white and black cobblestone flooring of the church-square, extending on the
tree-lined avenue,
date back to the seventeenth century, was recently renovated
and is in itself a work of art.

When one goes on the top of the hill, the eye is immediately drawn to the views of the
the numerous boats and the lush vegetation to be then lost far away on the skyline.

[Reflections on the sea are misleading, all panoramic pictures were taken just on arrival].

Let's step inside the church, now...

This XVII century building which has represented over the centuries a sure reference
point for seafarers approaching the city, preserves in its interior (sumptuously decorated
with marble and stucco works) a number of wooden statues by Anton Maria Maragliano,
paintings by Domenico Fiasella, Giulio Cesare Procaccini, Bartolomeo Guidobono.

In a dominating position over the high altar is the painting
known as the 'Madonna col Bambino'
attributed to Nicolò da Voltri.

[Read more on Sanremo on SanRemoGuide].

The dome frescoes, by Giacomo Boni.


July 01, 2010

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