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March 31, 2008

Shared Gardens in Paris

35 are listed
here, but there are actually 45 shared
gardens in town and many others are due to open
in the near future.

The one showed below is located midway on the hights of Ménilmontant,
the highest Paris' hill, at 315 rue des Pyrénées, in a little dead end called
cité Leroy.


Another shared garden is growing near the rue
de la Mare
, between the white footbridge and
the tunnel along the old Petite Ceinture's railway
(Paris XX).

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March 30, 2008

Little sightseeing in Menilmontant, Paris

The Ménilmontant subway station.

ED, a discount supermarket, decorated by Nemo.
A look backward while climbing the hill.

A nice black villa looking on the abandoned railway around Paris...

and here it is, a short railway's fragment at the foot of the black villa

The 'Zabar' hides a little garden for a green supper in summertime.

Waiting-for-his-master, dog stares at Paris.

La Miroiterie, bought by a real estate agency, the end of a legend.

* * *

March 29, 2008

Earth Hour 2008, 8pm Local Time

Aalborg - Aarhus - Adelaide - Atlanta - Bangkok - Bogota - Brisbane -
Canberra - Chicago - Christchurch - Copenhagen - Darwin - Dublin -
Hobart - Manila - Melbourne - Montreal - Odense - Ottawa - Perth -
Phoenix - San Francisco - Santa Cruz - Suva and Lautoka - Sydney -
Tel Aviv - Toronto - Vancouver...

... but not Paris !

(I'm sorry, but some people will do their best).
We can give a twist to our bad habits from now on.
So just let's do it.
Because we can.
Because switching off the lights for one hour, one day, isn't going to solve
the challenge presented by climate change...

Greenpeace did something in Paris, see Changing Life...

The way we use the planet's resources makes up our ecological footprint.
Check yours here !

first took action last year on climate change.


The British Antarctic Survey says an ice shelf is breaking off the Antarctic peninsula
because of global warming.

Last but not Least...

Phosphorescent Pasta !
for a romantic dinner at home,
in the dark.


March 28, 2008

When Smoke meets Clouds in Griset...

... Kenzo Tange campanile stands still against the grey sky.

March 23, 2008

Suffering and Smiling... the Movie

Dan Ollman, Nigeria/US 2006, video doc 65mn
A Bluemark Production

Human Rights Watch

Focusing on the legendary African singer and activist Fela
Anikulapo Kuti and his son Femi,
Suffering and Smiling
depicts the impact of their politically charged music. Following Nigeria’s independence
in 1960, Fela used his songs to speak out against the country’s corrupt leaders.
Since independence the military and political elite have enriched themselves by allowing
Nigeria’s oil and natural resources to be stripped by multinational corporations with little
benefit to ordinary Nigerians. Fela gave voice to Nigeria’s disenfranchised underclass
and sang of a free and united Africa. Upon his death in 1997, Femi has continued his
father’s legacy. Equally passionate and charismatic, he sings about the dire situation
in his country, asks why the world’s most resource – rich continent has the poorest
people, and struggles to maintain a vision of better days ahead for the common people
of Nigeria.

"Music is The Weapon of the Future" (Fela)

Happy Easter 2008

3rd century BC pic found yesterday beneath the lowest ancient Roman paved road
in Griset area. This discovery seems to confirm once more Easter Eggs were brought
to Lutætia by Roman legions.

Regular modern Eggs

Vegetable Eggs
(and other stunning gifts)...

Egg plant (NEW!)

Buona Pasqua !

March 22, 2008



After decades of repression, Tibetans are crying out
to the world for change.
China's leaders are right now
making a crucial choice between escalating brutality or
dialogue that could determine the future of Tibet, and China.

We can affect this historic choice - China does care about
its international reputation. But it will take an avalanche
of global people power to get the government's attention.
The Tibetan spiritual leader,
the Dalai Lama, has called
for restraint and dialogue: he needs the world's people
to support him.
Fill out the form to sign the petition--and
spread the word.

Petition to Chinese President Hu Jintao

As citizens around the world, we call on you to show restraint and respect for
human rights in your response to the protests in Tibet and to address the
concerns of all Tibetans by opening meaningful dialogue with the Dalai Lama.
Only dialogue and reform will bring lasting stability. China's brightest future, and its most
positive relationship with the world, lies in harmonious development, dialogue and respect.

Le Mur Oberkampf/St. Maur

Joan Ayrton - #31 - samedi 22 mars

March 21, 2008

Freezing in Paris' Gare de Lyon

The Art Pack - Freezing my station
(by FatCat_Films)
Une flash mob est une mobilisation éclair, c'est le rassemblement d'un groupe de personnes dans un lieu public pour y effectuer quelque chose de particulier avant de se disperser rapidement.
Improveverywhere, un collectif new-yorkais a remis le terme à la mode en organisant des "freezing", réunions ayant pour but de s'immobiliser dans un lieux public le temps d'un instant, afin de créer la sensation que le temps s'est arrêté, "freezé".
Ces "freezes" ont eu lieu notamment à New York, Londres et Bruxelles et ce mercredi 19 mars 2008 à la gare de Lyon à Paris.
Le top départ était prévu à 20h42 et le "freeze" prévu pour 90 secondes, entre 200 et 300 personnes étaient attendues...voyez le résultat!

March 20, 2008

Tony Allen à La BelleVilloise!

19, rue Boyer /20e -
Info@labellevilloise.com - Tél 01 46 36 07 07

Born in Nigeria in 1940 of mixed Nigerian and Ghanaian parentage, Tony Allen is perhaps the most
highly-regarded African drum set player to emerge since World War II. Drimmers and other musicians
of all backgrounds marvel at his uniquely polyrhythmic style. Allen belongs on one hand to a tradition
of African drum set playing associated with the Gahanian drummer Kofi Ghanaba (Guy Warren) and
historically rooted ib British military drumming, European ballroom dance music, bigband jazz drumming
and indigenous percussion traditions. However, he is also an African exponent of the African-American
tradition of modern jazz drumming typified by musicians such as Art Blakey, Elvin Jones and Max Roach.

(Michael E. Veal)

Tony Allen / DoctorL - Never satisfied
(by Edouard Salier)

March 19, 2008

For a GMO-free Europe !

Christian Vélot petition (en)
The biotech industry is working very hard to suppress independent science and scientists; working through the very academic institutions that are supposed to defend them.

We must do all we can to show our support as citizens and fellow scientists, and to send a clear message to the University administration that their action will not be tolerated.

Support Christian Vélot, Pierre Meneton, Véronique Lapides.

Christian Vélot et le monde selon Monsanto
Extraits du débat ayant succédé à la diffusion du film «Le monde selon Monsanto»
sur arte le 11 mars 2007.

March 14, 2008

March 14 or 3.14 > Pi Day !

... which also happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday.

Pi can be found in the design of the pyramids at Giza

So what ?

Freezing in Paris-Trocadéro

Ceci est la version longue officielle de la Freeze à Paris, le 8 mars 2008.
Officielle car elle a été montée à partir des vidéos tournées par plus de 20 videopodcasters bénévoles.
Un ÉNORME Merci à tous les participants grâce à qui cet évènement a pu être réalisé. Nous étions plus de 3000, Bravo.
Concept créé par Improv'Everywhere

March 11, 2008

March 10, 2008

Bush waterboarded by anonymous...

Would you like it... uh ? No, I'm sorry, Bush just blocked US ban
on harsh interrogation techniques - in a
word, torture, in two words, water boarding - although he utters "We do 

not torture".
For the naïve and rare people who 
would ask what waterboarging is, apart 
from a regular overflow, please go and 
watch YouTube large videos' choice on
this topic, I'd rather keep PPG free of 
real Bush face and nonsense.

"The legislation that Mr Bush blocked would 

have limited American civilian interrogators 
to those techniques permitted by the Army 
field manual, which prohibits all physical 
force as well as many controversial psychological methods".
Catherine Philp/Times online)

"waterboard Bush" pins
are available at
for 2.50 dollars only !


Municipales Paris : ça démarre bien.

March 09, 2008

I'm suspecting Indiana...

... of subscribing to beauty contests behind my back !

We had a scene, yesterday, when I found
a stamp and a printed pic in his pocket
- a shot I know he likes
(he's acting Hamlet) -
pinned to a paw-written paper saying :
I'm Indi
in a million and I'm worth it"... !!! ?
He grinned and out he went, slamming
the door...

Ouch, feeling like hard times are coming.


March 07, 2008

From Moscow with Laughs !

A video from the Moscow Google's Team
Gmail interface... lol !

Catering >
- 162 meters of gray tape - 45 lego pieces - 32 sticks of plasticine
- 18 brushes - 18 square meters of batten - 12 cans of spray paint - 10 liters
of white paint
- 4 reams of paper - 2 kilograms of millet porridge - 1 printer -
1 hair dryer
- 1 mop - 1 saw.

... and for the "M" at the end of the video :
3 sweaters - 3 balls - 3 pillows - 2 dumbbells - 2 pair of gloves
- a set of child's plates - a hockey stick - a scarf - a paper folder
- hats and slippers.


The World according to Monsanto /arte.france

Got a TV ? then switch it on !
on March 11th, 9pm arte presents :

"The World According to Monsanto",
2008, drama.
- Marie-Monique Robin, novel author

and movie director.
- Starring : Monsanto, the firm who
loves you !

Whilst they pretend GMO are safe products,
there are a few people thinking Monsanto's

got a funny way of looking at health...

Uploaded on 6 Jun 2008
- Good and Bad News must spread over... thanks Dave. 
- check out DandelionSalad's article... - the Ethicurean's open letter to Monsanto... - and the TopList links about Monsanto...

Sept. 2010 update > Germany has banned the cultivation of GM corn, claiming that MON 810 is dangerous for the environment. But that argument might not stand up in court and Berlin could face fines totalling millions of euros if American multinational Monsanto decides to challenge the prohibition on its seed. (Check it out to read more).

March 03, 2008

A Viswanadhan Exhibition soon in New York...

So, don't miss it if you hang about !

Untitled, 2005, casein on canvas.

Marlborough Gallery : Thursday, March 11, 2008 - 6 to 8 in the evening.
The exhibition will continue through April 5.
40 West 57th Street, NewYork, NY 10019
Tel : 212 541 4900 - Fax : 212 541 4948
www.marlboroughgallery.com - mny@marlboroughgallery.com

Born in Kerala in 1940, Velu Viswanadhan moved to Paris In 1968.
He has been one of the founders of the artists' village of Cholamandal
in 1966.
In his early years he drew inspiration from the geometrical
ritualistic-magical diagrams of Kerala. Even after delving much
in contrasted materials like paper, canvas and metal, the
geomatrical patterns still continue to influence him as a
breathing pattern. (more)

[Photo©Despatin&Gobeli, 2008]

[Click to see the video].
* * *

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