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July 09, 2008

Jean Nouvel got the 2008 Pritzker Award

The purpose of the Pritzker Architecture Prize is to honor annually
a living architect whose built work demonstrates a combination of
those qualities of talent, vision and commitment, which has produced
consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built
environment through the art of architecture.

Jean Nouvel and La Défense, where the Tour Signal is going to be the symbol of the
regeneration of this Paris business district.
The project comprises 71 storeys, forming a mixed-use building which brings together
apartments, hotels, offices and retail premises in the lower section.
Info and images of the competition-winning design here...

The Arab World Institute
- 1987, Equerre d'Argent, Best French Building of the Year Award
- 1989, Aga Khan Prize

Quai de Branly, Musée des Arts Premiers (detail).

And this... this is Nouvel the designer...
how touching to think to coffee lovers !

Tea and coffe towers / 2003 (Alessi)
Coffee service in solid silver. The cup has a double-layer construction
for insulation, as does the coffee pot. A text can be discreetely read when
the cup is rested on the saucer : "Café, café, que j'aime ta couleur, café"
(Coffee, coffee, how I love your color, coffee).

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