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August 06, 2011

"L'Illustration" - Année 1937

Unfortunately, the collection is far from complete, but these cover pictures
the climate of 1937 and the years to come.

[:o) Merci papà d'avoir préservé tout ça].
Founded by Edouard Charton, L'Illustration was a weekly French newspaper
published in Paris from 1843 to 1944.

In 1891, L'Illustration was the first French newspaper to publish a photograph and,
in 1907, the first to publish a color photograph.
During the Second World War, L'Illustration was published by Jacques de Lesdain,
After the
Liberation of Paris, the newspaper was shut down.
* Read a more detailed article on French Wikipedia, (if you are familiar with French).

"L'ILLUSTRATION, or the Memory of a Century",
by René-Jean Bouyer,
a documentary on the magazine, from the official site.
[Go to: ANNEE 1938]

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