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February 26, 2010

Happy and well bonded to Le Mur...

... and there he will be until March 13th !

# 66 - Jef Aérosol - February 26/2010

* Jef's Site & Jef's [My]Space

February 24, 2010

Let's spend some time in good company...

In my mixed bag today, a gem from Igor's music...

The "Soldier's Tale" is a 1918 theatrical
work "to be read, played and danced"
[lu, joué et dansé] set to music by Igor Stravinsky.
L "Histoire du Soldat" was originally written for small ensemble to compensate
for the lack of players due to World War I.
The work was premiered in Lausanne on 28 September 1918, conducted by
Ernest Ansermet.

A Rare look inside the creative process of rehearsals and recording of "Soldier's Tale" in a 1955 film
presented by Columbia records.

* "A Soldier's Tale" lyrics.

February 22, 2010

Plumbery Party in Griset.

It has been a week full of anxiety, commotion
and anger,
in Griset, but it all came to a happy
end today
with a "plumbery party" !

Last week, the heater in the bathroom began
to grumble and scream for help :
"I'm too hot, I feel faint, I want to pee and
I'll make a holy mess
if nobody cares for me".

It was critical.

So I gathered a dozen specialists and we formed a committee of inquiry around a
few bottles of Burgundy wine (Volnay) and some appetizers,
in a warm and friendly

After we deliberated, we went to the action : the heating temperature was reduced
and the security group changed.

The night was young, when we broke up, staggering but proud of the accomplished
work. We all agreed with enthusiasm to meet again in a few days -
same bathroom/
same time,
to ease the heater's tank from a few pounds of limestone.
The heater also agreed.


... and one week later :

February 16, 2010

3rd Anniversary for ParisPointGriset...

... with 448 posts and 27595 visits since February 2007.
and yesterday, as a present, this :

For some reason, in a couple of days, my counter has gone crazy with your visits and went,
from an average of 50-60 per day, up to almost 300.
The main target was an old post from December 2008, relating a movie broadcasted by Arte
about the Japanese art of Shibari
. For the first time, visitors were mostly French, which is even
more surprising since the film is French and was aired on a French TV channel
If I still don't understand the reasons of this sudden passion for the Shibari, I sure enjoy the results.
Merci, Danke, Thanks, Bedankt, شكرا لك, Obrigado, ありがとうございました, Grazie and
Gracias to you all,
whether you are a PPG's Friend, a Follower, a Passerby or... just an Alien.

No red candles, no flowers this year, I got better in my feline bag... some chouquettes
à la crême fouettée
(cream puffs), my French version of north Italy's "bignè alla panna
" !


February 13, 2010

Ar... Gustave Courbet on Le Mur Oberkampf...

The 1866 controversial work of Gustave Courbet displayed [spread] on Le Mur
... in a food-manner mosaic.
Definitely, Culture takes to the streets.

# 65 "I Food" by ZOOM [Fabrice & Julien] - February 13/2010

The turbulent history of successive owners of Gustave Courbet's "L'Origine du Monde"

February 09, 2010

A 5 days' Variations on Le Mur...

From February 8 to 12, students from both ESAH (Ecole Superieure
du Havre)
and ENSPC (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Paris
) schools - under the direction of four art teachers, will confront
the reality of artistic practice in urban space.

The association "Le MUR" kindly provides its 3x8 m. billboard, located
at Oberkampf/
Saint-Maur's street corner, in Paris XI.

... missing : 1.

February 05, 2010

Soirée baroque in an Eiffel building

As announced two days ago...

... tonight at the Mulliez gallery* :

2 musicians and 2 dancers unveiled, if necessary,
the splendor and beauty
of the
Baroque amusette in some unusual and offbeat way...

... a surprising combination of the accordion (Michel Glasko) - an eminently
popular instrument and an effective alternative to the Baroque basso continuo
- with
the embroidery of the flute and tenor vocals (Jean-Christophe Hurtaud).

Flora Sans and Caroline Ducrest performed this eve some court & theater
dances' solos and duets, mostly based on Baroque choreography, written
two hundred years ago by the dancing masters Pécour, Feuillet, l'Abbé.

The Baroque dance notation was published by Raul-Auger Feuillet
in 1700 and allows us today to rediscover the original choreography.


* Previous PPG's post about the Mulliez gallery.

February 03, 2010

For Baroque Music (& Dance) Lovers...

... you just come in my fief, on February 5,

at the Pascaline Mulliez gallery, at 8 pm.

4, cité Griset - Paris XI - Eiffel building
phone. 0033 1 43 38 64 08
Bus 96/Jean-Aicard - M° Parmentier or Ménilmontant.

- If you're a PPG's habitué, you already visited the Mulliez gallery on March
when featuring Monica Trenkler and Coyotte work.

- The current exhibition displays Manu Rich's oil pastels and acrylics...

- until March 20th.

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