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© 2007-2014
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November 12, 2008

Unveiling G@ttoGiallo !

Who's the author hiding under G@ttoGiallo's Shots in Africa
and ParisPointGriset ?

Discover the First, the Unique, the Original One !

Hidden for ages in the middle of his own huge photographic archives...

(Born March 1990 - Gone April 2004)

Zodiac : Pisces - Nicknames : Furrycat, Miciolino, - Favourite food : Fish, especially tuna fish -
Languages : French, Italian, English (uk) - Favourite words : Appetite, Pellet, Brush, Tuna,
- Favourite games :
To catch & bring back a pellet, Running after a fake hairy spider,
Scratching carpets,
To talk back on demand... Vocabulary : Fish, Chicken, Croquettes, Catnip,
Appetite, Brush, Litter, Bed,
Here, Out, Up, Down, No!, Don't (etc.), Hey!, Ouch!, Catch, Pellet,
Fly, Mosquito, Spider, Cat, Dog... -
Philosophy : Monotheistic Dualism (One Human-and-Cat).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

marvellous et diabolique le petit chat derriere Gatto Giallo, wonderful picts!

(don't remember anymore my password to leave you my comment as muzungumalaika)

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