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September 02, 2010

Get ready, we go to La Goutte d'Or !

Bordered by the rue Ordener to the north, the boulevard de la Chapelle to the south,
the boulevard Barbès to the west and the rue Stephenson to the east, La Goutte d'Or,
or Little Africa, is a continent within a Paris'

The rue Polonceau and the Al Fath mosque and Koranic school.

* Saint Bernard de la Chapelle - "In 1996 a group of workers occupied the church
and engaged in a long hunger strike, supported by the media and by a substantial

portion of the public and humanitarian organizations until the police stormed
church and
rounded up the workers".

* "Despite desperate struggles by local associations to rescue it from the hands of
technocrats determined to "clean up" the area, demolition has already begun and
the usual characterless buildings of our times are cropping up".

Rue des Islettes/rue de la Goutte d'Or corner.

* "At the intersection of the rues de la Goutte-d'Or and Polonceau, is a pleasantly
tree-shaded triangle where the local men meet socially on a sunny day, recreating
the atmosphere of their North African homeland".

To take the most of your visit, print the Thirza Vallois' article and let it be your guide
this amazing Paris' neighborhood.
* [La Goutte d'Or/ParisVoice magazine]
... or follow these suggestions from the Paris City Hall site [fr]...
"Dans les 18e et 10e arrondissements, l’Afrique de la Goutte d’Or et l’Inde du faubourg
Saint-Denis, vous invitent à une balade dans le Paris d’ailleurs".


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