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June 28, 2010

An Apple a Day, takes... the stress away.

As a Macaddict, I am pleased to introduce you to...
the Apple Museum !

30 years of Apple in 2 minutes...

Take a look at the design and progression of Apple computers from the Apple II
to the current models.

This video shows the computers Frensleven has kept - for one reason or another -
morphing from one design to the next.

It's a little over 30 years in a little over 2 minutes.

° ° °

June 26, 2010

Is this Zino's or A1one's collage, on Le Mur ?

Le MUR asso announced a A1one's poster for today...
... but their site says Zino, wrong : that was June 10 collage.

#75 - A1one - (Iran)

This Flickr's page says A1one-Zino, but on StreetFiles you can find A1one,


June 25, 2010

Last Viswanadhan's "Retour aux Eléments"...

... to be featured at Centre Pompidou [salle ciné 2]
on June 29/2010 - 7:30 pm
- [90'].

sand, water, fire, air, ether...

A Méroe Films/Centre Pompidou co-production, in association with Arte-France
La Lucarne, with the support of CNC and Procirep

[Below, a few snaps taken on arte-tv].

In 1976, the painter Velu Viswanadhan began a cycle of films on the five elements: sand,
water, fire, air and ether - wich, according to Vedic principles, constitute the universe.
They are the starting point of a journey across mythical, historical and everyday's India.
Over thirty years later, this new film is
a flashback and a rediscovery of the premises, and a
statement of what India is nowadays. Viswanadhan filmed each element in itself : the eddies
of the Ganges, the lightning storm, the wind in the paddy fields... but also how humans use
these elements : fishermen casting their nets, blacksmiths clapping iron, tea merchants boiling
water... The sounds of nature and life are the sole film's soundtrack : the sound of the waves
dying on the shore and the crackling of a fire do replace speech. The repetition of images and
their slow pace let viewers immerse themselves in nature, in a sense of eternity.
[Translated from a text by Aamil/arte-video]

* [Viswanadhan filmography]

Thanks to all Viswa's fans,
yours faithful G@tto.

Viswanadhan interviewed at the 51st
Firenze, Italy.


June 25/2010 : Cité de la Musique > Bollywood Flashback !

June 21, 2010

Faites-de-la-Musique... Today !

Music Feast or Do Play Music... but Today is the Day !
Fête de la Musique ou Faites de la Musique, c'est aujourd'hui !

Highlights of the day:

- La Bellevilloise : concert and
images of the 2010 Music Fest
coming in from around the globe.

[19-21, rue Boyer , Paris XX]
- Cabaret Sauvage : carte blanche to Guem [percussion].
59 bd Mac Donald, Parc de la Villette, Paris XIX]
- Château de Vincennes :
the major themes of African pop culture.
[Vincennes, 1 ave de Paris]
- Cité de l'Immigration [Palais de la Porte Dorée] : coreographer
Robyn Orlin's show in tribute to 'Swankas', and Freddy Massamba
concert with a South-African parade.

[293 Avenue Daumesnil, Paris XII - ]
- 2 concert tours on the Seine, aboard the 'Jéna', [at 6 and 9 pm]
between the Maison de Radio France and the Bibliothèque François
- Louvre, Nuit Américaine :
[10-11:30 pm], The Orchestre de Paris
conducted by Kristjan Jarvi,
excerpts from Bernstein [West Side Story,
orchestral suite] - Gershwin [An American in Paris, orchestral suite] -
Adams [The Chairman Dances].

... see the program for the Oberkampf area.

the Full French & International Programs
and the 2010 Music Fest Posters Worldwide.

June 20, 2010

Ethnic Clashes in Paris/Belleville

[Bertrand Langlois]

The Chinese in Belleville alleged victims of 'fantasies'
- 'Fantasies' on the Chinese community
- The complexity of the Belleville Chinese
- T
he origin of the motion remains in limbo.

- Une Manifestation de Chinois à Belleville... [AFP]
- Belleville et la Violence, [evous.fr]
- Manif Chinoise et presse poubelle [Réflets de Chine]
- Emeutes à Belleville... [Rue89]
- Les Chinois de Belleville... [Rue89]
- Belleville: des Vies sont en Jeu [leJDD]

A new sushi bar in my fief...

There was no crowd, but they had just opened tonight.

The place is pleasant, the food is fresh, the staff very kind and the menu
is classic, but their prices are competitive in this area.

[The restaurant also provides home delivery].

ID-Fun Sushi > 94, avenue Parmentier, Paris XI
you can both enter by the avenue or from the back, rue Locroy.

Many bars in the Oberkampf area are equipped with huge
. Tonight, the Brazilian team had had it against
the Cote d'Ivoire...

... but when - if ever, Brazil plays
the World Cup final...

the place to be will be
Le Barraçao, in Oberkampf.


June 19, 2010

Solidarity for Asia - Big Emmaus' Sale...

A huge meeting this Sunday at the Porte
de Versailles [Hall 2.1], with 150 Emmaus'
groups, 2000 companions, employees and
volunteers from all across France and
Europe in order to support the groups
established in India, Bangladesh, Lebanon
and Indonesia.

Profits from this sale will come to Emmaus
groups who are fighting every day to help
women to be autonome through work, to support informal schools,
to carry out actions
to conserve water as well as allowing agriculture projects respectful of the earth and mankind.


June 14, 2010

Graffiti Street in Paris/Belleville...

If you need a wall, (so you can escape)...
try this one in the Belleville Paris district.

This colorful corner of Belleville has obviously been identified and chosen for the
filming of 'Belleville Story' as well as other very peculiar spots in the neighborhood,
like this popular 'bazar' where everything is sold at 1 €

Adam wrote an interesting post about this street on his blog 'Invisible Paris'.

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