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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

March 31, 2010

One more thought on the web for Isabelle

Isabelle Pinpaille, homeless, 15 years in the street, gone on Jan. 31/2010.
Her friend misses her as well as the others guys of her group...

Winter has been very cold this year and alcohol -
let alone the addiction,
seems to be the cheapest way to warm up. Her hearth was so tired, it simply

A Performance for Isabelle

The group Public Commando made a beau
geste, on March 25 :

Early in the morning, they drew Isabelle's
name in giant chalk-white letters on Belleville
boulevard's central sidewalk, between the two
subway stations of Ménilmontant and Couronne,
'as an ephemeral trace of the woman' in the

[Click on map to see Isa on Panoramio/GoogleEarth].

Chalk-white letters, for Isabelle, as white as her last winter's snow.

March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 from PaPoGris-Paris


5 656 245 supporters at 10:45 am [Paris time].

More than 4000 cities, towns and municipalities have now confirmed
their participation this year, across 125 countries and territories.

• Earth Hour has kicked off in spectacular fashion with the Chatham Islands, located
800 kilometres of the coast of New Zealand, becoming the first of 125 countries and
regions to switch off their lights for Earth Hour (20:30 local time, 6:45GMT, +13:45 UTC).

• This year 125 countries and regions across all seven continents will take part in Earth

• More than 4000 cities, towns and municipalities will unite around the world to switch
off and show their commitment for action on climate change.

• 1387 icons and landmarks will switch off for Earth Hour.
• Earth Hour has reached more than 6 million online social network friends.
• Thousands of Earth Hour videos are being viewed around the world with the official
Earth Hour 2010 video currently being viewed approximately every 4 seconds at:

• Earth Hour is one of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter worldwide.
• The term ‘Earth Hour’ has appeared online more than 30 million times in the past
24 hours

You too, switch off the light, breathe with the earth.


In Paris, the Eiffel Tower switches off its lights for the Earth Hour.
[Count down with French Minister of State Jean-Yves Borloo, Environment
Minister Chantal Jouanno, WWF International Director General James Leape
and WWF France CEO Serge Orru].


March 26, 2010

PPG celebrates today its thirty thousand visits...

... so thanks to you all !
whether you are a friend, a passer by or an alien.

Your faithful,


March 21, 2010

France : Mutatis Mutandis on March 21st

aka > the necessary changes
have been made !


G@ttus : Sarkus!
Sarkus : Ha! Who calls?
Casca : Everyone, quiet. Peace!
Sarkus : Who’s calling for me? I hear a voice
that is more shrill than all the music
yelling, "Sarkus"! Speak, I’m listening.
G@ttus : Beware the Ides of March!
Sarkus : Who is that man?
Brutus : A c@t who can tell the future is telling
you to beware March 21.
Sarkus : Bring him here; let me see his face.
Cassius : Felis, come here; look at Sarkus.
Sarkus : What do you say to me now? Speak again..
G@ttus : Beware the Ides of March.
Sarkus : He is a c@t; let's get away from him.
Let's go. [Exeunt]

Click sur logo Libé
pour résultats définitifs.


March 14, 2010

Australian Reko hops on Le Mur...

... until April the 1st - aka Fools' Day.
Are we going to see a French-style-big-fish in two weeks, with Parisian Titi ?

# 67 - REKO Rennie - March 14th/2010

Reko's video of his hopping tour in Europe in 2009, when he won an Australian
Council of the Arts residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris.

March 10, 2010

The Practice of Euthanasia in Ancient Sardinia...

... or : "Su ohi de s'accabadora"*

After a phone call with a friend recalling some conversations with old people
on a topic that has always been a taboo,
I just googled two keywords :
Accabadora and mazzoccu.

- The "femina accabadora" or "agabbadora" (Span. v. acabar) is the woman
who completes the task - meaning she "helps" to pass away or, in short, a
"terminator". This character
used to be an old woman dressed in black, veiled
face - often the midwife of the village, who was called to end the agony of the
dying when it lasted too long, causing unnecessary suffering.
er task accomplished, she moved away. Her performance was not paid
with money, but rewarded with flour, salt, lard or other common items.

It was an ancestral form of euthanasia, practiced in cases of extreme necessity.

- The "mazzoccu" or "mazzolu" is a piece of wild olive wood, T-shaped like
a hammer
(more info here to translate).
Like all items related to the most secret rites and traditions, this tool was kept
carefully hidden, when people didn't get rid of.
However, one of them is still
visible at the Galluras ethnographic museum, in Luras.

A single sharp blow of this instrument on the temporal bone was supposed
to end the agony
, though sometimes choking with a hand or a pillow was
enough to stop a weak breath of life
. The accabadora's performance was
so fast it appeared to be painless...

The latest reported activities of the Accabadora
would have occurred in Luras (1929) and in
Orgosolo (1952)
, although someone believes
that the last case
would be as more recent as
in 2003

The Luras case is certainly emblematic : when
a 70 years old man passed away - with some
help from such a black angel,
the local police
and prosecutor were unanimous in reporting
the act to a humanitarian context, so the woman wasn't convicted and the
case was filed.


Infos gathered thanks to :
- Contusu.it
- Galluras.it
- A. Satta.pdf

Alberto La Marmora and William Henry Smith were the first to report this primitive
practice of euthanasia in Sardinia in their travel journals, in the early 19th century.

* [the sentence "su ohi de s'accabadora" means "the last lament of the dying"].

March 07, 2010

A "petit Parisien" makes a splash in Tokyo...

Yes, Armel, パリから若い男、東京でスプラッシュになります !
Irresistibly attracted by the many {and 1 peculiar] splendours of the Land
of the Rising Sun, he has left behind the City of Lights - and even the
Griset spot [
already a nest of Nippon creativity], to join the top fashion
designers in Tokyo

- Above, from the .jp "Madame Figaro"
- Below : from "Openers"
web magazine

Leave a comment on Armel's work and encourage him !



March 06, 2010

A few hours between fauna and flora...


hort summary, in pictures :

An evening strongly tinged with sadness that emanates from the eyes of animals
- except from the poultry, maybe, in an environment that is, after all, hostile for
them all :
people watching them only in a steak-and-roastbeef perspective.

Traditionally, at the Salon de l'Agriculture, people use to linger to taste regional
specialties - wine included, we are in France, right ?

After a four-hour tour and some regional snaks here
and there, my dinner theme revolved around vegetables

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