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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

February 25, 2012

'A Nous Deux', Marseille !

G@tto's coming to find out if Marseilles is a good place...
... to move and live in.
Stay tuned, everything is going to change!

(Photo: Daniel Joieux)

Just passing by, in June 2010.

February 17, 2012

When Man and Nature join their skills...

I love nature and documentaries that make us discover the diversity of our planet.
The French channel France5 uses to broadcast many docs produced by the BBC.
This is how I've found one of the wonders that are (or should I say 'were'?) the result
of a fantastic and useful collaboration between man and environment.
Oncle Google allowed me to learn more about these living root bridges:

AtlasObscura brings together information - about the root bridges of Cherrapunji,
(in the Meghalaya region), Bangladesh, India, - gathered by
Bertieinindia, Wythe,
Michelle, Dylan, Nicholas Jackson, Rick, Martofkukuf, Seth Teicher.

[View Larger Map]

At the base of India's Meghalaya Plateau, the local tribes have created bridges across
the area's rivers using living tree roots and branches. These bridges last for hundreds
of years (the lifetime of the tree)... More on
'The Living Bridges of Meghalaya' on The Velvet rocket.

February 16, 2012

'Chansons Coquines' at Pascaline Mulliez Gallery...

It was today, in the occasion of the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the painter
Jean-Paul Laixhay's work [Feb. 16 to April 7/2012].

Discovered by Peter Brook in the Tragedy of Carmen at the Bouffes du Nord Paris'
mezzo-soprano Hélène Delavault allies humour, perfect body language
a sharp tongue
well adapted to such a malicious repertoire:
'Couleur Absinthe', Chansons Incorrectes, which means... 'not very correct' songs.

In this video, Hélène performs L'Amour au Passé Défini, Cyrille Lehn is at the piano.
(music Vincent Scotto, lyrics Géo Koger).
If you understand French, advanced French, you'll really enjoy
every single word!
Here are the lyrics.


As a matter of fact...
Today is the 5th PPG's Anniversary !

February 12, 2012

Raphael Gray's poster now on Le Mur

Le M.U.R. #114 - Raphaël Gray - February 11/2012

"Travel, painting, cinema...
Moving from one
world to another without becoming crazy! "


February 11, 2012

Europe acts against ACTA

Manifestation à Paris de centaines d'opposants à l'accord ACTA.
ont protesté contre l’Accord commercial anticontrefaçon, un traité
international accusé de menacer les libertés individuelles au
bénéfice de la lutte contre le piratage. (read MORE).

Protests all around Europe on February 11/2012...

View ACTA Protests Worldwide - Brought to you by stoppacta-protest.info in a larger map.



ACTA 'iacta non est', yet, so sign online petitons with Avaaz and Access.

February 03, 2012

Refurbishing the French Republic [I mean the square]...

Designed to provide a more pleasant living area and improve the overall quality of
of the environment,
the renovation of the iconic place de la République just begun
with its completion expected
in spring 2013.

So far the 60% of space was dedicated to car traffic - the future sharing of public space
will be
more balanced and pedestrians will enjoy a central plaza with trees, a basin

the statue
and two water mirrors.

But the square, its name and the statue itself have their own story. (check it HERE)

Representing the French motto 'Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité', the statue was inaugurated
on July 14, 1883, replacing the fountain built in 1811 and enlarged in 1865 as well as
the square, whose name was at that time
Place du Chateau d'Eau.
(see the Haussmann urban planning).

Finally, in 1889, the Place du Chateau d'Eau was renamed and took its current name

(Credit: Roswitha Guillemin & Yann Foreix).

As for refurbishing the French Republic... the time is ripe for a change and major
operations are
in progress

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