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February 23, 2008

Le Mur, toujours...

Thierry Théolier - (# 28)

le 1er mars - 16:10
Bon, il ne reste plus qu'à attendre le suivant.

le 29 février - 15:50
Ca s'étoffe un peu, mais... bof !

le 25 février - 18:30
Je reviens de la Coop Latte Cisternino... bof !

le 23 février - 20:15
Préparatifs : on décolle l'installation précédente...
Il pleut, il fait froid et faim aussi !

February 16, 2008

Andy Esiebo in Paris ?

What if Football was born in the street ?
(Tomorrow's last exhibition day).


Paris exhibition's organizers.
(See also previous post).

PPG is One Year Old ! Salut Henri.

Happy Birthday G@tto's PPG !

Mais Henri est parti...
Merci Henri d'avoir si bien profiter de la vie.


February 14, 2008

Did you say... Moar at La Loc ?

Yes, I did say Moar's back at La Locandiera on Sunday 16th...
with Fono and Daveed.

- Did you ask who's that guy ?
- You just read Groove's Interview...

or ask Moar... or YouVox Urban... or NovaPlanet.
(Pics on MySpace)

February 13, 2008

Charlie Todd on a Frozen Prank !

This guy Charlie just invented
the WebSize Candid Camera

Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.
Created in August of 2001 by
Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere
has executed over 70
missions involving thousands of undercover
agents. The group is based in New York City.

Thanks Charlie for such a great idea !


Hey, take a look at the other (more than 70) Happenings, or Missions...
or, even better, think about it and do it yourself !

February 10, 2008

Let's Fractalize Now

Everybody knows what fractals are... you just think to broccoli - you take the whole or the infinitesimal part, the structure won't change. Behind broccoli you find mathematics.

Every day at a few minutes past midnight (Wisconsin time), a new fractal is automatically generated by a variation of Julien C. Sprott's program.
The figure above is today's fractal with a code that identifies it according to a scheme described by Julien.

February 2008/10th' Fractal
February 2009/9th' Fractal
February 2008/8th' Fractal
February 2008/7th' Fractal
February 2008/6th' Fractal
(Older Fractals of the Day are saved in an archive).

Inspire yourself, visit Chaos Demonstrations, Strange Attractors (red/blue glasses), More Strange Attractors, Julia Sets, Quadratic Map Basins, Iterated Function Systems, Strange AttractorSymmetric Icons, Newsgroup Collection, Animated Gif Attractors, Natural Fractals, Publication Quality Attractors.

Now I assume you want to start and create fractals yourselves, so here you can find a large choice of programs.
And last but not least : Fractal Music !
"Fractal Window I" was created and copyrighted © 1996 by Forrest Fang using Robert Greenhouse's program, The Well-Tempered Fractal,

Legendary Camel Spider !

This blog was primarily intended for publishing anything I like...
today is 'Spider Day' because I've just found this...

As we just can't talk on and again about presidential love stories, fractals, UFOs, markets
evolution, mafiosi under arrest, Berlusco's devotion to money, hip hop, chaos theory, sacred
geometry, nightclubbers, popes, dahus, sashimis, or american elections... let's dedicate a few
line to these God's solifugae creatures...

They actually aren't spiders at all, they're solifugae. Along with spiders, they are members
of the class Arachnida and are called 'camel spiders' because they live in the desert. They
are somewhat of an urban legend and currently one of the most searched items on the

The camel spider stories began to spread during the 1990-91 Gulf War. Now, with the continued presence of U.S. forces in the Middle East, the stories are becoming legendary but most of them are completely untrue. These creatures are (usually) not dangerous to humans... (more)... except for their bites - I dare to say !

(by exspree).

A Matt Walker BBC article [on July 2010] explains, in a video, their hunting technique :
Camel spiders have evolved a unique way to capture their insect prey."

February 09, 2008

February 08, 2008

February 07, 2008

Cocteau en l'Ile Saint-Louis

Un mensonge qui dit toujours la vérité

Hakim Bentchouala-Golobitch jongle entre cocteau-piano-poulenc
un artiste à l'esprit multiforme

au Théâtre de l'Ile Saint Louis Paul Rey
39, quai d'Anjou - 75004 Paris

CityVox dixit.


February 06, 2008

Nigerian Photographer Andrew Esiebo exhibition in Paris

Andrew Esiebo is one of Nigeria's young contemporary photographers working on portraits of urban life and his country's culture and heritage.
His works has been featured in several local and international publications including Photoblogs Magazine USA, United Nations Global Report on Human Settlements and Voiceworks, Australia. His recent works on Nigeria Culture and Natural Heritage were published in November 2006 by Laia Libros, Barcelona, Spain in collaboration with UNESCO. Also, his works have been featured at various local and international photography shows in Nigeria, Ghana, France and Syria. He his a member of Black Box photographers collective of Nigeria.

"Et si la rue était à l’origine du Football ?"
(What if Football was born in the street ?)
You are invited to the public exhibition of Andrew Esiebo's photographic work on football...
so don't forget the 2008 African Cup of Nations !

Turn up your speakers and listen !
... and then take a look at Beautiful Naija. (no more code to embed on blogs).

February 02, 2008

A Lighthouse in my Former Fief !

And nobody told G@tto !

I lived in this area for more than ten years and they just waited I was gone
to build this !
A brilliant idea for signalling a fish market so well hidden behind this concrete
wall that It took me a while to discover it, quite by chance.

A few weeks ago I fell on this and this in Eric's "Paris Daily Photo" so I just waited
for an occasion to return in my ancient fief and shoot this stunning tower.
Thank you Eric !

"La Criée du Phare" - 69, rue Castagnary/15e
[M° Plaisance or Bus 62].

Just behind the market there is the railway Montparnasse Station... see it ?
Fishes & oisters come to Paris straight from the Atlantic...
not exactly for sighseeing.

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