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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

November 30, 2008

Finally... Le Mur is back !

All of the inhabitants of the Oberkampf area were expecting this day !
yep, and a new Mur was at last featured...

on Sunday 30th... by OX

... since Villeglé's poster was stolen, end of September,
Le Mur lived his own life heedlessly...

as on November 30th...

or November 27th...

... or November 13th

... even G@tto pasted his own avatar...
to have it covered by other stuff almost immediately !

If G@tto were a soup...

... according to a BlogThings' Quiz, G@tto should be...
a "Tomato Soup" !

It seems G@tto is open minded and curious about the world.
He can't help but learn as much as he can about things.
He's introverted, intellectual, and introspective.
In other words, he has a big brain... and he use it.

G@tto is a bit of a culinary expert, and is an excellent cook.
He knows how to balance delicate flavors well and can whip up a mean
bowl of soup.

According to G@ttoGiallo, tomato soup is ok, but homemade !

November 23, 2008

Italian Deli... Delicious ! believe me !

Delicious !
but what it is ?

1st answer : hard sugar candies !
Ok, but which ones ?
They are imported in US too...

I've almost finished my last provision... speed up if you want some !

November 22, 2008

Routine Elections...

The first one... won.
But the french "gauche" is so ill... will this really change something ?

French Spiderman performs in China...

Alain Robert performed yesterday in Shanghai, climbing
the 420 meters/87 stories Jinmao Tower in Pudang area
then going straight to jail on his way back to chinese
... the usual routine with a happy end : the police
was fair enough - with French Consulate - and released
him today.

In 1998, after climbing a tower in Tokyo he spent 5 days
in prison - instead of 20, thanks to... the French Embassy.

See on Wikipedia the international stunning deals of a man
suffering from vertigo.

Alain Robert SOLO URBAN CLIMBING world tour.


Well, once upon a time young G@tto bypassed mother's permission
to go out with friends... as a spidergatto - from a 2nd floor balcony,
a rainy eve, not bad, uh ?
On his way back, no police, no reporters, just a furious mother.

November 19, 2008

November 12, 2008

Unveiling G@ttoGiallo !

Who's the author hiding under G@ttoGiallo's Shots in Africa
and ParisPointGriset ?

Discover the First, the Unique, the Original One !

Hidden for ages in the middle of his own huge photographic archives...

(Born March 1990 - Gone April 2004)

Zodiac : Pisces - Nicknames : Furrycat, Miciolino, - Favourite food : Fish, especially tuna fish -
Languages : French, Italian, English (uk) - Favourite words : Appetite, Pellet, Brush, Tuna,
- Favourite games :
To catch & bring back a pellet, Running after a fake hairy spider,
Scratching carpets,
To talk back on demand... Vocabulary : Fish, Chicken, Croquettes, Catnip,
Appetite, Brush, Litter, Bed,
Here, Out, Up, Down, No!, Don't (etc.), Hey!, Ouch!, Catch, Pellet,
Fly, Mosquito, Spider, Cat, Dog... -
Philosophy : Monotheistic Dualism (One Human-and-Cat).

November 10, 2008

Mama Africa is gone

Her song "Pata Pata" (lyrics) was a hit and still sounds warmly in our heads...

Miriam Makeba, musician and activist anti-apartheid, striked out yesterday night
by a heart attack after a concert near Naples supporting Roberto Saviano*.


More about Mama Africa.

* Roberto Saviano, the Italian author of Gomorra, now threatened with death by the camorra
for denouncing their economic empire based on racket, drug traffic and murder

November 05, 2008

Barack Obama, 44th President of the USA

Congrats Americans ! Yes, you can because you could !

(Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak / March 14, 2008)

After the darkness of the Bush years, America is ready to recover its place.
Back to what G@tto said on June 4th...

November 04, 2008

The World is Waiting...

? ? ?

While waiting, imagine IF the World could vote ?
wouldn't it be great to see what the whole world thinks ?
Then blog now about "If the World could vote" !


G@tto's now glued to (Chicago live) & the ...

at 5 am Paris time :
- Democrats got Virginia
- Democrats got California...
- waiting for Florida...

le Président est mort, Vive le Président !


November 03, 2008

An American voice from the Basque Country...

A few days before the US elections, the Basque press focused on...

"I've always been pro-Obama,
he's multicultural and sincere"

Very involved in the economic world
in the French Basque region, she's
- CEO of Phillips Internet Consulting,
- VP of the local Boss' union,
- VP of the Basque developement agency
and a professional singer.
However, Caroline Phillips is American
from California and...
a long sleepless night awaits her
on November 4th.

(Goizeder Taberna/Oct 31st)

Listen now to Caroline Phillips & Mixel Ducau > BIDAIA Duo...

(Bidaia on Euskal Télébista Nov. 16th 2007)
- Caro's Bio
and some G@tto's pics from the Basque Country, here.

You're Under Arrest Gainsbourg...

"French President François Mitterrand said of him, "He was our Baudelaire, our
Apollinaire... He elevated the song to the level of art.
His home at the well-known address 5bis rue de Verneuil is still covered in graffiti
and poems".


Serge Gainsbourg - You're under arrest
(Live Zenith 1989)

One more version...

and a third one showing stock shots from his public life and featuring

Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Rangier (the Rita Mitsouko), his
Charlotte, Charlotte Rampling, Jane Birkin, Vanessa Paradis...

"Since his death (a heart attack on March 1991), Gainsbourg's music has reached
legendary stature in France. His lyrical brilliance in French has left an extraordinary
legacy. His music, always progressive, covered many styles : jazz, ballads, mambo,
lounge, reggae, pop (including adult contemporary pop, kitsch pop,
yé-yé pop,
'80s pop, pop-art pop, prog pop, space-age pop, psychedelic pop, and erotic pop),
calypso, Africana, bossa nova, and rock and roll.
He has gained a following in the English-speaking world with many non-mainstream
artists finding his arrangements highly influential".


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