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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

March 12, 2009

The 2009 Salon du Livre...

2009 Paris Book Fair this year honouring Mexico

From tomorrow, March 13th to wednesday18th
Porte de Versailles - Pavillon 1

Where you can meet your favorite Mexican writers...
José Agustín, Homero Aridjis, Mario Bellatin, Carmen Boullosa, Gonzalo Celorio,
Elsa Cross, Briceida Cuevas Cob, Álvaro Enrigue, Ximena Escalante, Guillermo
Fadanelli, Carlos Fuentes, Vilma Fuentes, Ana García Bergua, Margo Glantz,
Sergio González Rodríguez, Mario González Suárez, Pura López Colomé, Alain-
-Paul Mallard, Héctor Manjarrez, Fabrizio Mejía Madrid, Carlos Monsiváis, Carlos
Montemayor, Fabio Morábito, Guadalupe Nettel, Ignacio Padilla, Elena Poniatowska,
Juan Gregorio Regino, Alberto Ruy Sánchez Lacy, Daniel Sada, Jaime Alfonso
Sandoval, Enrique Serna, Tomás Segovia, Martín Solares, Jordi Soler, Paco Ignacio
Taibo II, David Toscana, Álvaro Uribe, Jorge Volpi...

Speaking about the 2009 Book Fair, ParisPointGriset
focuses on last Dominique Sylvain's detective novel :
La Nuit de Géronimo, Viviane Hamy, Chemins nocturnes,
featuring her first and best detective character, Louise
Morvan, who's finally back with her lover, the commissaire
Serge Clémenti.
The book will be available in stores on March 18th - also in
digital version if you already get a Sony reader or another
display for e-pub format or then Stanza for cell phones.

Dominique Sylvain interview >
FNAC (fr).

Meet her at the booksigning session
or next week, once the fair is over, at :
L'Imagigraphe book store
84, rue Oberkampf, Paris XI...

Alas, G@tto would have liked to be there, only he'll be on the road,
out of Paris, on another special mission !

Sayonara, Dominique.


1 comment:

mikeacoyle said...

Sounds great. I enjoy the book fair in Turin each year. Don't know much about Mexican authors though. Enjoy if you go.

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