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May 10, 2011

Elana Gutmann's Talking Trees...

Elana Gutmann is a painter and printmaker whose work
has evolved to include photography, video and installation
A first-generation American artist with roots in Eastern and
Europe, Gutmann began exhibiting her work in Europe and
America in 1989.
"My paintings and drawings are both inquiry and discovery, each voyage
- part memory, part fantasy. The process is dialectic, the investigation of
truth through discussion, a conversation between the work and me (then
the work and the viewer). Choices are made, revisited, some removed.
Their traces remain. Colour jumps
to form, form instigates colour, relation
ships occur over a period of hours, days and months.
They manifest in a "story" - a visual tale."

Clairière, the Talking Trees, - Elana Gutmann's last project
is "an
installation work that employs language, symbol and
sound to evoke migration and the rich results of the movement
of culture individual from place to place."
< video

Although Clairière is to be first viewed in the exhibition LandArt, Basel, it is designed to
travel to multiple sites thereafter.

* [This project will only be funded if at least $ 12,000 is pledged by Thursday Aug 4, 3:18pm EDT].

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