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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

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August 20, 2012

3rd 'Canicule' Day in Oberkampf, Paris...

... a good reason, if any, to migrate to the coast!

[Sanremo from 'la Pigna' hill'].

May 08, 2012

2nd mission in Marseilles...

Gare de Lyon, TGV and another short stay in the town of Marseilles!
Will I find my ideal nest, this time?

Here is the Old Port 'Vertigo', a cheap and very pleasant place to stay...
2 steps away from the pedestrian area all around the cours Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves 
and the Place des Huiles, full of bars and restaurants. 
(click to see the Slideshow):

Vineyards in the heart of Marseille:
Paris has its own wine in Montmartre, Marseille will soon have 

its Vieux Port vintage.  
The city council has planted 150 vines last year in the tourist 
district of Saint-Victor at the foot of the Abbey, five minutes from 
the Old Port.

This time it will be the 'total immersion' strategy in my targeted area, the direct contact with the native by 'hijacking' 
them in the street and the 'sit in and chat in bars' technique.
Yes, there are other ways than ask realtors to find an apartment.


March 03, 2012

First Mission to Marseilles...

Yay! Next G@tto's fief is going to be in Marseilles, south of the Vieux Port...

not far from the pedestrian area of cours Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves / place aux Huiles...

[On the left hand, the place aux Huiles, - on the right, the cours Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves]. 
In short, all the area south of the old port is going to be 'MyMarseilleFief'.

On my flash trip to Marseille from February 26 to 29: 3 nights at 2 different hotels:

Etap (ok) & Vertigo (great), both located in my favorite spot, south shore of the old port.

[Etap - 46, rue Sainte, 13001]

[Vertigo - 38, rue du Fort Notre-Dame, 13001]

- Seeking a flat around there with some outside space and
found it! - with two small
verandas, yay.
- Tested and approved 3 asian restaurants
, 2 Vietnamese
and 1 Japanese
, the thai being left for next time, with the
rest of the kind (no bouillabaisse, thanks).

Coming soon some other pics from my non-stop walking from the Catalans' beach to 
the Noailles' area, to get acquainted with the city... 
. . .

February 25, 2012

'A Nous Deux', Marseille !

G@tto's coming to find out if Marseilles is a good place...
... to move and live in.
Stay tuned, everything is going to change!

(Photo: Daniel Joieux)

Just passing by, in June 2010.

December 18, 2011

Bahrain 6 - Shaikh Isa House in Muharraq

The house of Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa is situated in the heart of Muharrak, the old
capital of Bahrain, near to the Grand Mosque and is considered to be one of the oldest
houses in town.

[See more pictures in the slideshow].
The house was built at the end of the 18th century by Shaikh Hassan bin Ahmed Al Fatih
who lived there as well as his sons and grandsons.
Later on, the house became with king Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa a residence and a
government centre from 1869 to 1932.
Its huge walls, the small doors and the wind tower were conceived as
a protection from the heat in summer and the severe cold in winter.

- BahrainTourism
- Bahrain Guide

December 15, 2011

Bahrain 4 - A 400 years-old tree

It can be seen from a distance on a small rise of the ground, as you drive 2 km south-
ward from
Jabel Al Dukhan into the Bahraini white desert.
As impressive on the map as in real view, - a green spot lost in a blinding light, this 400
years-old mesquite, stands in absolute loneliness, defying the centuries

[Click to see more pics].
The mesquite tree (Prosopis velutina) belongs to the large family of the 'Fabaceae' and fits
to extreme weather conditions, however this one has become a legend and truly deserves
the name 'Tree of Life', Shajarat-al-Hayat in Arabic.

Despite sand storms, grazing animals, high heat... and disrespectful behavior of visitors,
the tree is alive and well thanks to its strong roots that sink deep into the ground, only...
... there is no known source in the vicinity.

One natural wonder, one lonely tree
Life is powerful, and sometimes magic.


December 14, 2011

Bahrain 3 - Absolute Oil

Bahrain was the first Persian Gulf country to explore and discover oil.

Click to see the Bahrain petroleum fields slideshow.
[Nov. 18/2011].

The Sakhir Oil Museum, built and officially opened in 1992, houses old drilling equipment,
of rocks found underground, topographical maps and some information about the
concessions and the companies that have operated in the since 1931.

[The Bahrain Petroleum Field].


December 04, 2011

Bahrain 2 - Al Jasrah House

A 'Pearl' from de Persian gulf is offered to you to visit,
you just have to click, it's a slideshow...

Yours faithful G@tto.
[Any reference to the 'Pearl', which has disappeared, is not due to chance].

November 16, 2011

A C@t in Bahrain - 1

... and here we are with the first images
from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Morning light for my first wakeup in Amwaj Islands...

[Increasing the contrast, curiously reveals a graffiti under the peinture' layer].

Exploring the beach, I'm intrigued by these mounds of sand pellets. Their authors should be those tiny
crabs I saw on the shore.

I've never been a birdwatcher, until today, but these herons just come and friendly share this quiet beach
with me.

Later on, I've the privilege to attend the private ablution of a dark heron in the deserted pool...

From November 16, until 22, it is the French Week in Bahrain
Opening speech by the French ambassador and cocktail at the InterContinental Regency hotel

Entertainment with the 'Swing DeLuxe' quintet and 'La Bourrée Arverne' dance group.

Tribute to Georges Brassens in Bahrain City Centre.

The 'French Week program' includes, among others,
three gourmet French dinners but, personally, I intend
to enjoy myself with more exotic dishes.


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