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© 2007-2016
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August 29, 2007

Bad news from Lagos

Well-known Art Market of Maiyegun (Lekki, Lagos) to find it bulldozed without warning
by forces of the Lagos State Government. According to eye witnesses several persons
received gunshots, one died.
The market, home for about 120 artists from the African Pride of Art & Crafts, was completely
destroyed today and many more people lost hope and income. Properties and artwork valued
provisionally at 30-40 million Naira was destroyed, unnecessarily.

(3 pics from expat friends)

Why ? Lucas Ajanaku, (Tell Magazine, Nigeria's independent weekly), explains :
"Tension mounts in the host communities of the proposed Lekki Free Trade Zone
over unfulfilled promised in the purported memorandum of understanding signed
with the Lagos State government"... (see more)

Lekki as in december 2006 !


Stefan Cramer said...

Dear G@ttoGiallo,
thanks for raising the issue of the forceful demolition of the Lekki Art Market in Lagos in your blog. It was me and my wife Erika who first raised this issue as we accidentally came across the demolition a few hours after the event. In fact the pictures you used in your blog are mine and I wonder how you go them. Not that I object to use them but I am firmly subscribing to the Creative Commons principle and make my work available exactly under these conditions which you also point out for your blog. You will agree that raising this copyright issue prominently on your blog website and not applying it to your won utilization of somebody else’s work isn’t very convincing.
Nevertheless, I want to stress that we appreciate your concern and involvement and would continue to provide material on the issue if you choose to continue too publish.
Stefan Cramer, Lagos

G@ttoGiallo said...

First : I'm sorry I've passed out your Creative Commons... I didn't know you've suscribed for... because I've just seen your pics sent to me, no author's name mentioned, by Thomas, (no family names) one of your friends. The matter shocked me and so I wanted to shout about. Surely you noticed I didn't pretend those shots are mine.
Second : sure I would appreciate everything concerning Lagos and a country I've learned to love in a too short stay.

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