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February 16, 2009

Nigeria - A good Point.

Good news concerning Emeka Asiwe and Jonathan Elendu.

The publishers were arrested late last year for the radical views expressed on
their news sites and have been forced to remain in the country till date against
their will.
They have both incurred extra-budgetary expenses running into millions of naira
as their one-week visit to Nigeria was stretched into months by the SSS.

We know since early this morning that Nigerian political blogger
Emeka Asiwe (HuHu-OnLine) could finally leave Nigeria
but, at that moment, his
destination was kept secret for safety reasons.

Last update coming now from
Nigerian Curiosity is "Asiwe landed in London at
Heathrow airport this afternoon. He was held up by security due to a tip off from
Nigeria's SSS. Thankfully, he was released and allowed to go on his way".

Another good new is that Jonathan Elendu (ElenduReports) could
recently retrieve his passport
. Hope next step will be a flight back home in Michigan.

On Today's HuHu-OnLine you can read :
- Mr. Asiwe pursues N500Million Damages Against SSS (State Security Service),
as SSS releases seized items, moves to settle out-of-court.
- Mr. Elendu has slammed a N 1 billion suit against the SSS for his illegal arrest,
detention and seizure of his travel papers, laptop and cell phone. Advances have
been made by the SSS to reach a comfortable out-of-court compromise with Mr.
(more on site).



I hope that both men win their suits.

G@ttoGiallo said...

Yes, would be the sign of a positive change.

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