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July 02, 2009

A new Viswanadhan's India movie...

What you can see below is a few images' preview by Nadine and Viswa
shootingt during their
Nov. 08 - Feb. 09 trip to India, but they are flying back
to India tomorrow
another video/photo well-stocked hunting.

(Viswa filmography)
May/June 2010 updates for Viswa fans : [click>"Retour aux Eléments"
will be aired
on Arte-TV
on May 23 at 11:30 pm and featured at Paris'
Centre Pompidou on June 29/2010, at 7:30 pm.

The Taj Mahal in the mist.

The Taj Mahal.

Bodh Gaya, state of Bihar - Pilgrims.

Bodh Gaya - Pilgrims at the temple.

Kappad - beach.

Machilipatnam, Krishna district - Baba.

1/ Cremations.

2/ Cremations.

3/ Cremations.

Varanasi or Benares. state of Uttar Pradesh.
On the Ganga river.

Varanasi - Bathing in the Ganga river.

Hanuman... ran aground on the beach...
He doesn't look to be able yet to lead an army of monkeys or wathever
else to fight
the demon King Ravana
©2008/09 Nadine Tarbouriech & Velu Vishwanadhan.


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Do not forget

- the Ivry-sur-Seine Ateliers 2009 will open their doors to visitors
in September 

as they did last year and there will be plenty of new things to see...

1. G@tto's 2008 photo
2. from the Mairie d'Ivry site, June 2009.

- the Müller footbridge 
(passerelle), recently restored, and reopened this year, 
on June 12.

The Müller footbridge connects Ivry's center to Ivry's harbour, spanning
the underlying railways from rue Jules Vanzuppe, just in front of Nadine's
studio and two steps away from Viswa's.



Francesca Romana ALEGI said...

Ehi, per caricare le pagine nel tuo blog ... è un pò lento!L'India mi manca e sicuramente deve essere costruttivo visitarla, io sono stata in Nepal,STUPENDO! Ed ho assistito ad una cremazione in diretta. Dal mio punto di vista polvere nasci e polvere ritornerai, e quindi piuttosto che essere seppellita dentro una bara mille volte gradirei che le mie ceneri vengano gettate al vento! What do you think about?

GMG said...

Hi G@tto! Except for the first two, I've not been there! But they are great and its quite exciting that the authors are on a new photo hunt in India, though it's the monsoon... ;)

Blogtrotter is anticipating the 4th and 14th of July fireworks; but in a different country... ;) Have a great weekend (or vacation, should you have that chance...)!

(G@ttoGiallo) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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