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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

September 11, 2009

11/9... eight years ago.



GMG said...

Hi G@tto! Great post; can't be forgotten!!

Sorry for the long absence, but after one year work, I got my official week off and, as always, the week before was terrible and the return awful... ;). Furthermore, there was 09.09.09, which for me was a bit depressing, as I entered a Club 60 I would prefer to postpone the joining... ;))

Blogtrotter is now in Turkey. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

Denny Lyon said...

Thanks for remembering us on this sad anniversary, very kind of you! I ended up writing a poem for people experiencing loss on the anniversary on my poetry blog. We all find a way to honor those who left this earth too soon. Thanks for the mention on your blog!

Moar said...

hey, one week later and no more post !?!?

what's happen ??

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