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October 23, 2009

The usual Oberkampf wall...

October 22nd - # 58 by NP77

October 8th - # 57 by Poch

The Fondation Cartier has asked ten artists from different countries to create works and ephemeral
installations specifically for the exhibition.
Chosen for the singularity of their approach and the force of their artistic vision, Basco Vazko, Cripta,
JonOne, Olivier Kosta, Théfaine, Barry McGee, Nug, Evan Roth, Boris Tellegen-Delta, Vitché and
Gérard Zlotykamien present their work within the Fondation Cartier’s gallery spaces as well as on its
glass façade.

In collaboration with the Association le M.U.R., the Fondation Cartier has also invited artists to create
large-scale posters, in the presence of the public, every first weekend of the month.
These posters are exhibited at the Fondation Cartier for one month before being moved to the billboard
of the association, located at the intersection of the Saint-Maur and Oberkampf streets in Paris.
The artists participating in the project include Alexöne, the Collectif 1980, Fancie, Jean Faucheur and
WK Interact, Honet, NP 77, Poch, RCF 1, Sun7 and Tom Tom.
In addition, L’Atlas, DTagno and Yseult have been invited to create unique and temporary works for the
garden of the Fondation Cartier.
From São Paulo to Amsterdam, San Francisco to Paris, graffiti today continues to evolve, adopting new
forms and modes of expression.
Born in the Streets - GRAFFITI
from July/7 to Nov/29, 2009

Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain
261, boulevard Raspail
75014 Paris - France

http://Fondation Cartier

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