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G@tto: On SALE in South Sardinia

November 21, 2009

Now, you just follow G@tto on La Pigna Hill...

in Sanremo, Italy.

When in Sanremo, if you ever go there, you'll see this map near the gates leading up
the hill.

Here are two recommended routes :

- the red one :
1 Palazzo Borea d'Olmo, 2 Chiesa Santo Stefano, 3 Piazza Nota & Palazzo del Commissario,
4 Porta Santo Stefano & i Vailai, 5 Porta Bugiarda & Porta del Roglio, 6 Via Rivolte, 7 Oratorio
San Costanzo,
8 Giardini Regina Elena, 9 Santuario Madonna della Costa.
- and the blue one :
1 Chiesa Concattedrale Collegiata San Siro, 2 Piazza San Siro, 3 Le Canoniche, 4 Torre Ciapèla,
5 Porta Montù, 6 Palazzo Manara, 7 Porta Palma, 8 Chiesa San Giuseppe, 9 Porta San Giuseppe
& Via dei Mille,
10 Piazza della Cisterna, 11 Porte Santa Maria, 12 Piazza del Capitolo, 13 Chiesa
Santa Brigida,
14 Piazza dei Dolori, 15 Oratorio San Sebastiano

This is a tough slideshow, so put on your most comfortable virtual shoes and
watch your steps because this is a long way up and down a steep hill.


Strangely, YouTube offers very little on La Pigna medieval area...

This video was made by a class of the local Cassini high school.


GMG said...

Hi G@tto! What an awesome tour!! Looked somehow Alfama in Lisbon...

Blogtrotter has an astonishing display of works of art by contemporary artists in the streets of Bilbao for you to enjoy. Have a great week!

Francesca Romana ALEGI said...

bellissimo, awsome, great, super, lindisimo!

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