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March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 from PaPoGris-Paris


5 656 245 supporters at 10:45 am [Paris time].

More than 4000 cities, towns and municipalities have now confirmed
their participation this year, across 125 countries and territories.

• Earth Hour has kicked off in spectacular fashion with the Chatham Islands, located
800 kilometres of the coast of New Zealand, becoming the first of 125 countries and
regions to switch off their lights for Earth Hour (20:30 local time, 6:45GMT, +13:45 UTC).

• This year 125 countries and regions across all seven continents will take part in Earth

• More than 4000 cities, towns and municipalities will unite around the world to switch
off and show their commitment for action on climate change.

• 1387 icons and landmarks will switch off for Earth Hour.
• Earth Hour has reached more than 6 million online social network friends.
• Thousands of Earth Hour videos are being viewed around the world with the official
Earth Hour 2010 video currently being viewed approximately every 4 seconds at:

• Earth Hour is one of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter worldwide.
• The term ‘Earth Hour’ has appeared online more than 30 million times in the past
24 hours

You too, switch off the light, breathe with the earth.


In Paris, the Eiffel Tower switches off its lights for the Earth Hour.
[Count down with French Minister of State Jean-Yves Borloo, Environment
Minister Chantal Jouanno, WWF International Director General James Leape
and WWF France CEO Serge Orru].


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Trotter said...

Hi G@tto! We'll need much more than one hour, but that's a good start...

The Mayan ruins of Tulum are at Blogtrotter 2 for you to enjoy. Have a great week!!

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