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June 25, 2010

Last Viswanadhan's "Retour aux Eléments"...

... to be featured at Centre Pompidou [salle ciné 2]
on June 29/2010 - 7:30 pm
- [90'].

sand, water, fire, air, ether...

A Méroe Films/Centre Pompidou co-production, in association with Arte-France
La Lucarne, with the support of CNC and Procirep

[Below, a few snaps taken on arte-tv].

In 1976, the painter Velu Viswanadhan began a cycle of films on the five elements: sand,
water, fire, air and ether - wich, according to Vedic principles, constitute the universe.
They are the starting point of a journey across mythical, historical and everyday's India.
Over thirty years later, this new film is
a flashback and a rediscovery of the premises, and a
statement of what India is nowadays. Viswanadhan filmed each element in itself : the eddies
of the Ganges, the lightning storm, the wind in the paddy fields... but also how humans use
these elements : fishermen casting their nets, blacksmiths clapping iron, tea merchants boiling
water... The sounds of nature and life are the sole film's soundtrack : the sound of the waves
dying on the shore and the crackling of a fire do replace speech. The repetition of images and
their slow pace let viewers immerse themselves in nature, in a sense of eternity.
[Translated from a text by Aamil/arte-video]

* [Viswanadhan filmography]

Thanks to all Viswa's fans,
yours faithful G@tto.

Viswanadhan interviewed at the 51st
Firenze, Italy.


June 25/2010 : Cité de la Musique > Bollywood Flashback !

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