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February 27, 2011

Gaddafi's, another silly speech announcing the collapse of a regime.

If the legitimate claims that leed to revolt in North Africa and Middle East
countries are
the same, the course of events shows that it is easier to
a crook (Tunisia) or a traditional dictator (Egypt) than a sick
like Colonel Gaddafi.

[TelLieVision - 1 of 3]

The revolt of the Libyan people is probably felt by the Colonet as clumsiness and lack
of gratitude
from his subjects, which only exasperates the need for recognition of his
hypertrophied ego.
The problem is that he now feels driven to martyrdom, but not before having wiped
those who oppose his will.
Mentally ill or devil's henchman, the treatment Gaddafi
to protesters since the beginning of riots has seriously violated the international
humanitarian law and therefore...
"The UN Security Council voted unanimously Saturday night to impose military and
financial sanctions against Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi and his inner circle and to

refer his
regime's crackdown on protesters to a war crimes tribunal for an investigation
of possible crimes against humanity.
[The Washington Post]

Speaking about Human Rights, why isn't there a way yet to stop mad people BEFORE they
perpetrate genocide and crimes against humanity? It usually takes too long a time before
they come to an end 'spontaneously'... haven't we learned but nothing from the past?

The official seat of the International Criminal Court is in
The Hague, but its proceedings
may take place anywhere
so we're [I am] expecting to see Gaddafi respond for his crimes
before a Libyan court.

***Avaaz is working urgently to "blackout-proof" the protests - with secure satellite modems
and phones, tiny video cameras, and portable radio transmitters, plus expert support teams on
the ground -- to enable activists to
broadcast live video feeds even during internet and phone
and ensure the oxygen of international attention fuels their courageous movements
for change.

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Trotter said...

Hi G@@tto! With so many regimes collapsing, it will be interesting to see what will come next...

Nice is nice, don’t you agree? Check it at Blogtrotter Two... Enjoy and have a great week!!

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