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April 30, 2011

Bidaia in Paris to promote new album...

BIDAIA to promote their new album
with two concerts in Paris :

la bellevilloise
19/21, rue Boyer - Paris XX
May 4 - 8 pm

* Toro Bar tapas
74, rue J.Jacques Rousseau - Paris I
May 7 - 8:30 pm

Bidaia's tour will continue with :
- Pamplona, Spain, at 'Patio de los Gigantes' on May 19 - 9 pm
Bidaia and its entire band (+ bass & percussion).
- Gateshead, UK, Caroline Phillips will speak at the 'Thinking Digital'
conference, on May
25 - 6 pm and Bidaia will perform the next day, May 26.
- Saint-Pierre d’Aurillac/Gironde, France, 'Festival des Sous-Fifres'
on June 26 - 3 pm.

[Photo: Caroline Phillips]

With 'Agur Shiva', BIDAIA [which means 'travel' in Basque language] continues his journey
by visiting other musical cultures. 'Agur Shiva'
reflects this idea of travel by tapping into
the roots of the Basque rhythms and melodies of the main compositions, while linking
them to other traditions, notably India and Carnatic music.

[See "La Bellevilloise" by G@tto].


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