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April 17, 2009

New : Certified Italian Espresso

First "Espresso Italiano Day"


Each member company which complies
with the certification requirements has
the right to use the mark
Certified Italian Espresso

Altogusto S.p.a. Bianchi Vending Group S.p.a. C.M.A. S.p.a. Caffè Cagliari S.p.a.
Caffè Mokarico S.r.l. Caffen S.r.l. Casadio Unipersonale S.r.l. Cesare Trucillo S.p.a.
Co.Ind (Coop Industria) Soc.coop. Compak Coffee Grinders S.a. Conti Valerio S.r.l.
Costadoro S.p.a. El Mundo S.p.a. Essse Caffè S.p.a. G. Vescovi S.p.a. G.I.FI.ZE
S.p.a. Guglielmo S.p.a. Jesi Caffè S.r.l. Jolly Caffè S.p.a. La Genovese S.a.s. La
Marzocco S.r.l. La Spaziale S.p.a. Magazzini del Caffè S.p.a. Mazzer Luigi S.r.l.
Milani S.p.a. Nuova Simonelli S.p.a. Procaffè S.p.a. Rancilio Macchine per Caffè
S.p.a. S.T.A. Impianti S.r.l. Torrefazione Caffè Krifi S.p.a. Torrefazione Parenti S.p.a.
Torrefazione S. Salvador S.r.l. Torrefazione Saturno S.r.l. Tuttoespresso S.p.a.
Vibiemme S.p.a. Wega S.r.l. Zicaffè S.p.a. Zoppas Industries - IRCA S.p.a.

Click here to become a specialist.

Now, do not imagine you're free to use the trade mark :
G@tto's Certified Foamy Coffee

ParisPointGriset safeguards and promotes the original
"G@tto's Foamy Coffee" through a product certification
requiring a three months training under strict technical


July 30, 2008

A Good Foamy Coffee Anywhere !

Imagine you are here, in the middle of an african river...
and suddenly you need a coffe !
I mean you harshly want a coffee...

Now imagine - why not ? - that G@tto is sitting in the boat just behind you...
You can hear him rummaging in his backpack,
but you don't pay attention.

All of a sudden, the celestial, delicious, well known smell
you were dreaming about, caresses your nostrils
and G@tto lends you a regular espresso coffee !

Your espresso in 4 motions :
- put the pressure
- pour hot water
- charge coffe pod
- press power


And now, don't leave without saying something nice for G@tto's Birthday !

July 09, 2008

Jean Nouvel got the 2008 Pritzker Award

The purpose of the Pritzker Architecture Prize is to honor annually
a living architect whose built work demonstrates a combination of
those qualities of talent, vision and commitment, which has produced
consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built
environment through the art of architecture.

Jean Nouvel and La Défense, where the Tour Signal is going to be the symbol of the
regeneration of this Paris business district.
The project comprises 71 storeys, forming a mixed-use building which brings together
apartments, hotels, offices and retail premises in the lower section.
Info and images of the competition-winning design here...

The Arab World Institute
- 1987, Equerre d'Argent, Best French Building of the Year Award
- 1989, Aga Khan Prize

Quai de Branly, Musée des Arts Premiers (detail).

And this... this is Nouvel the designer...
how touching to think to coffee lovers !

Tea and coffe towers / 2003 (Alessi)
Coffee service in solid silver. The cup has a double-layer construction
for insulation, as does the coffee pot. A text can be discreetely read when
the cup is rested on the saucer : "Café, café, que j'aime ta couleur, café"
(Coffee, coffee, how I love your color, coffee).

June 09, 2008

Torino hosts the Coffee Roots...

An open air exhibition in Piazza San Carlo, Torino,
presents the work of 3 photographers who followed
the coffee trail... and made a book with the pictures
of their fabulous journey.

(ptoto by Fabrizio)

You're free to take a look to the Coffee Roots book, promoted by Lavazza.
I did it - in my quality of coffee lover - and found something curious in the Indonesian
coffee, the kopi
*luwak brand.

The Coffee Critic tells you the story.
You maybe want to fly to Java tomorrow and taste it. If you like it, there are two possibilities:
ou breed a luwak at home for your daily kopi or, which is easier but more expensive, you
buy your kopi at AnimalCoffee,

*Kopi luwak is a unique gourmet coffee
that is processed in the stomach of a wild
animal, after which it is hand collected
from the floor of the Sumatran jungle.

December 31, 2007

Deep Mourning for French Smokers



we now have music, funeral music and a coffin
for tobacco... with Emir & No Smoking Orchestra.


anyway, everyone's going to quit smoking !
(cough cough!)


September 20, 2007

La Locandiera... now a 5 years old Lady

A good espresso coffee in Paris...
try La Locandiera, at 145, rue Oberkampf...

... believe me, 'cause I know what a good coffee is like - I am Italian !

La semaine dernière Morad était de retour après 3 ans d'exil... et La Locandiera
a retrouvé son âme et un espresso d'enfer.

C'est Morad qui était là lors de l'ouverture du bar en 2002 et qui va orchestrer,
la semaine prochaine, le cinquième anniversaire du bar.

Le p'tit blanc était offert aujourd'hui !
Why is Coffee in Paris so bad ?
a January 2011 good column by Oliver Strand [NYT].

June 28, 2007


The very first espresso coffee bar machines appeared in northern Italy
at the beginning of the '20th century,
in Milano, Biella and Brescia.

Vincenzo Ceccanti (97x134 cm)
Arti Grafiche Galileo,
Those powerful machines built around 1914 were widely sold and they spreaded
to Europe, and then the world, the habit of drinking italian-syle espresso coffee
at the bar.

1907, Bar Mighela, Biella [Piedmont].
(Open at the beginning of the 1900 century, it closed in 1968).

The same Bar Mighela, in Biella (Piedmont), on a winter snowy eve, around 1940.
Open at the beginning of the 1900 century, it closed in 1968.
(All images personal collection)

June 27, 2007

G@tto's Foamy Espresso Coffee recipe

Best Coffee Spot in Paris

1 - A good, basic, coffee machine,
2 - Top branded arabica coffe (Illy, Musetti, Vergnano, Segafredo...),
3 - Water,
4 - Fine granulated sugar,
5 - Coffee cups & coffe spoons,
6 - Milk cream.

Directions :
Put sugar in a cup, add first coffee drops from the machine
and stir* until you whisk it up white, then add the rest of coffe
and a hint of cream.
Light up a cigar/ette and relax...

* You may need a little training to obtain the right density... hi hi !

Coffea arabica is a species of coffee indigenous
Ethiopia. It is also known as the "coffee shrub
of Arabia", "mountain coffee" or "arabica coffee".

Coffea arabica
is believed to be the first species
of coffee to be cultivated, being grown in southwest
Arabia for well over 1,000 years.
It is considered to produce better coffee than the
other major commercially grown coffee species

How addicted to coffee are you ?

Try the test...

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