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© 2007-2016
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August 08, 2011

Tempura in my Oberkampf Fief.

Only two of five Japanese restaurants, in my direct environment, offer a 'tempura'
menu [seafood
and/or vegetables, battered and deep fried].
The Fujiwara, opened eight years ago and the Kyobashi - newly arrived in the
neighborhood, which also offers two tasting menus [30 and 50€] and therefore attracts
the majority of Japanese food lovers.

The tempura recalls the 'fritto misto' [mixed fry] from Piedmont, a northern Italy's
region, which is easily explained by the fact that this dish was brought to Japan, in
the mid-Sixteenth century, by the Portuguese, although this recipe is rather common
in many other countries of southern Europe, like France and Italy.

Fujiwara - 109, rue Saint Maur - Paris XI

Kyobashi - 117, rue Saint Maur - Paris XI

The three left - Kuchiyaki, Kimono, and IDfunSushi - are traditional sushi bars,
serving sushi, sashimi and yakitori menus.

[Click on any pic to enlarge].
Kouchiyaki - 122, rue Oberkampf - Paris XI
Kimono - 115, rue Saint Maur - Paris XI
IDfunSushi - 94 avenue Parmentier - Paris XI

Next one to try will be the 'Nakagawa', at 3, rue Saint-Hubert, Paris 11th,
recommended by Pascaline Mulliez
from the namesake art gallery.


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