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August 07, 2011

"L'Illustration" - Année 1938 - January/July

Throughout a century - from 1843 to 1944 - from the July Monarchy until the end
the French Third Republic, "L'Illustration", the first illustrated weekly in French,
has been
the mirror of all the major events and daily life, in France and worldwide.

["L'ILLUSTRATION", official site].

The first edition of January 1938 - the 96th year since the birth of the magazine - highlights
a British-Japanese meeting in Shanghai
, on the site where a grenade, launched by a Chinese
student, exploded.

[Click HERE for August to December 1938].

"L'illustration" is the first title of the French press to have used photography in a systematic
way since
the late nineteenth century.

The magazine was recognized as a national treasury by the French State, for the extent and
the richness of its worldwide events' coverage.

Check out
"L'ILLUSTRATION, or the Memory of a Century", a documentary by René-Jean
about the magazine history [from the official site].
[Go to: ANNEE 1937]

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