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© 2007-2016
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May 15, 2007

The Singapore Sling, a Tiger's Taste

The Singapore Sling is both :
- a cocktail that was invented by Ngiam
Tong Boon
for the
Raffles Hotel in Singapore
sometime between 1910 and 1915
- and a movie directed and written by Nikos
(programmed by arte
on thursday may 17th).

At one point the recipe fell into disuse and was
by the bar staff.
The recipe currently used by the hotel was
the result
of recreating the original recipe based
on the memories
of former bartenders and some
written notes that they
were able to discover.

The original recipe used at the Raffles Hotel does not
include club soda.

The Singapore Sling is available on all Singapore
Airlines flights, and the drink is free on all classes
of travel.

A premixed Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel,
costs S$ 19.80 (including a 10%
service charge, as of
September 17, 2006).

The freshly made orginal is the best - make
sure to ask
the bartender to mix it for you.



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