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© 2007-2016
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December 03, 2007

The never ending story of the hyena men's picture

A successful photograph indeed !

Originally posted by a brazilian tourist to Scamorama in December 2006, this
picture (+ 2 more) made protographer Pieter Hugo decide to go to Nigeria to learn
more about the gadawan kura (hyena men, in Housa language).
He did it, met journalist Adetokunbo Abiola, together they got in touch with the hyena
men guys... and Hugo made a book.

The picture was also asked to appear as cover illustration
by some editors
and was featured on the cover art of the
Gorillaz album "Demon Days" and "NO HOLIDAY-80 Places
You Don't Want to Visit", a Disinformation Travel Guide.

I stumbled across these impressive photos end of December 2006, when I was back
from Nigeria and sure I regretted I wasn't lucky enough to meet any hyenas at all.

Last week, I had a Flickr alert for someone uploaded hyenas pics, so there I went
and guess what ? It was the old Scamorama pics.
So I told the guy I already knew them and ask if he had a blog or something where
I possibly could watch them... There was no answer and the pics soon vanished from
his Flickr photostream.
Nonetheless, the picture has been uploaded by many other Flickr users :

- PeaceablePrimateSanctuary, Javaneh and Hamid, coolpictureguy, caffeineguy -
ryanclark75 and joi.

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